Monday, August 9, 2021

Bieganski at the Movies "Demon"

 This stuff writes itself: 

Poland as a nation seeks to forget their participation in the Holocaust, a national sense of willing amnesia, lest they reconcile with their culpability in the atrocity

Full article here 

Thanks to Sue for sending this in. 


  1. "Peyton is a freelance writer with Collider, focusing on horror, off-beat comedy, and all things weird. Outside of film reviews, she enjoys screenwriting, directing, making music, and performing stand up comedy." So Peyton has no idea about history.

  2. Yes, I have been awaiting the next one in the Ida/Bogdan's Journey sequence. And sure enough, here it is, the next train out of Platform 1984. Presumably it will be much applauded by the Movers and Shakers.

  3. Dear Mr Weintraub,

    the text
    is extremely unethical. Peyton Brock lacks basic knowledge of history of the Holocaust.
    She does not even pretend to know something. She has watched one film and read few biased and ignorant
    texts. The article by Masha Gessen is full of lies. The editors have corrected it partially, admitting its low quality.

    Peyton Brock describs the film financed by Polish taxpayers as "an allegory for Poland’s national amnesia of its role in the Holocaust". Is producing films about the Holocaust 'national amnesia'?

    Why is Poland the victim of Peyton Brock?
    There is a long list of nations, who participated willingly in the Holocaust,
    led by Germany. Poland fought Nazi Germany since September 1939 till May 1945.
    Polish Christians were main victims of Nazi genocides after Jews, Roma and Soviet prisoners of war.

    Your sincerely,
    Jerzy Pankiewicz

    1. Thank you so much Jerzy. I am considering an email to the lady in question- am trying to compose it (and myself) at the moment. Whether she has any idea about history, I don't know. But for sure she seems to know a safe target when she sees one.

  4. Yet another attempt to lay a guilt trip on the Poles (pedagogika wstydu) for the German-made Holocaust.

    It never ends.

  5. Demon Magnet Man Film sp. z o.o. 4454700,00 2800000,00 means that the film with planned budged 4,454,700 PLN obtained 2,800,000 PLN from the government of Poland, more than 62%.

  6. Katarzyna Person explain multidimentional reality of the Ghetto Police. Unfortunately Jan Grabowski simplified similar description of Blue Police. Double standards.

  7. Zofia Kossak was born 10 August 1889, she has participated in creation of Zegota, only few people remeber her, sometimes rather as an anti-Semite. Oskar Schindler was a Nazi, but the whole world respects him.

  8. US Administration teaches Poland. I have checked comments, 90% of them are critical.

  9. A summary of situation in Poland

  10. A forgotten article - an American woman travels around Poland in 1939, shortly before the war. Does any Americal woman travels outside Warsaw city now?

  11. I'd never heard of this film before Sue mentioned it to me. I've got to say ... from what I see of it in YouTube clips, it looks like a very well made film, and it's a shame that the creator apparently killed himself. He probably would have gone on to make many fine films.

  12. Hello,

    It felt really strange reading that article. Some non-native American trying to dress-down indigenous people of Poland. My people.

    In what kind of world do we live in, where a descendant of colonizers has the gall to do virtue signaling like that?
    Her home might be located on some Indian burial grounds and she won't even know that.


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