Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Jewish Family Slashed; Little Media Coverage; Attacker Details Not Available



I was just scrolling idly through Facebook when I read a post that caused my jaw to drop. An entire Hasidic Jewish family, father, mother, and baby, were slashed on the street in New York City. 

This news shocked me. Who pulls a knife on a baby in a stroller? An entire Jewish family? Why? 

I was shocked, again, when I saw that the attack happened last week. I live within eyeshot of New York City. I get most of my news from WNYC, the NYC and New Jersey NPR affiliate. I can't say that they never reported this news story, but I heard not a word of it from WNYC. I learned about it from Facebook. 

I also never heard anything on WNYC about the horrific murder of Mohammad Anwar, an honorable immigrant from Pakistan, 66 years old, who was killed by two girls in Washington DC. Those two girls will not serve a day behind bars. I learned about this story exclusively from right-wing talk radio. 

I also did not hear anything about Christine Engelhardt, a 24-year-old woman who was drugged, raped, robbed, and left for dead in Miami. 

These are three shocking and significant stories. Why am I not hearing about them from my normal news sources? 

There was another shocker to the story about the slashed Jewish family. I wanted to know who did this. What kind of a sick person would just walk up to an innocent family and start stabbing a young husband, wife, and little baby? 

I spent some minutes searching Google and then Duck Duck Go and I found only the name of the attacker. No photo. No reason why he would attack Jews. Who  is this person? Why is he being shielded? 

What is going on? 


  1. https://twitter.com/AnaMarika3/status/1379550090688397312 Typical NY ignorance. Hungary was a German ally, Lithuanians had some authonomy and Poles did not have one. There are criminals in every place, both in occupied Poland and in free NY. Why do some NY people believe to be better?

  2. https://twitter.com/Mostofsky/status/1379422897693982723 I mean this tweet, not the answer I have posted.

  3. https://wszystkoconajwazniejsze.pl/jan-sliwa-hidden-holocaust/ A long text about the Holocaust and the Allies.

    1. Hello Mr Pankiewicz,

      I like that author. Thank You for the link. Below is a link to his other article.


  4. Hello dr Goska,

    Few days ago a Polish man was murdered in Chicago by an Afro-American. Newspapers in US didn't wrote about perpetrator's race. Maybe in cases mentioned above the perpetrators were also "melanin enriched"?


    1. Lukasz do people know the race of the shooter?

    2. There were eyewitnesses, including victim's father. Words "dark-skinned" and "person of color" were used in social media.
      There were also other words used, but I will not quote them on this blog.


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