Saturday, July 11, 2020

"Jewish Group Slams Polish Public TV for 'Hateful' Role in Presidential Race": Reuters

WARSAW (Reuters) - A leading Jewish group criticised Poland's public broadcaster on Friday for its "hateful" role in a tight presidential election race that pits the conservative incumbent against the liberal mayor of Warsaw.

AJC Central Europe, an advocacy group, pointed to a report on public broadcaster TVP's flagship news show on Thursday that asked if opposition candidate Rafal Trzaskowski would "comply with Jewish demands", touching on the sensitive issue of Jewish property restitution.

Home to one of the world's largest Jewish communities before World War Two, Poland is the only European Union country that has not legislated on restoring property to pre-war Jewish owners or their descendants, despite U.S. pressure.

"What's wrong with Polish public TV?... Yesterday it again warned against 'satisfying Jewish demands'. Is that b/c you assume this hateful campaign would speak to many Poles? Think abt what message that sends," the AJC tweeted...

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  1. A Jewish writer Pawel Jedrzejewski (Polish Jewish Forum) criticizes AMerican Jewish organizations, who demand money from Poland. The government finances many Jewish projects.

    1. I've read an article by that author some time ago. I don't know if it's the same that You had in mind, Mr Pankiewicz. But it is on that subject.
      Link below. Article is in Polish.

  2. Poland was the only anti-Nazi country in the region, so the comparison is dirty.

  3. Polish Death Camps.

    1. Hello Mr Pankiewicz,

      Seems that some people can't understand that heirless property returns to the state. That rule originates from ancient Roman law and exists in both American and Polish law.

      Jewish organisation's claims for heirless property are based on tribal/religious affiliation.
      American gouvernement should avoid supporting such claims. It creates a dangerous precedent. There are still some native tribes living in USA.

      People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  4. Regarding Jedrzejewski, there was an interesting interview in Dziennik-Gazeta Prawna. The journalist was Robert Mazurek.

    1. Article is titled "Polish antisemitism doesn't manifest itself in brutal way". You need to subscribe to read it.
      Part of that article is available here:,antysemityzm-zydzi-polska-pawel-jedrzejewski.html

      I don't know if Mr Jędrzejewski has read "Bieganski" the book, but he mentions that Jews were middlemen between gentry and peasants.

  5. Obviously, one side is trying to control the narrative and to get its way.

  6. Yesterday it again warned against 'satisfying Jewish demands'. it's against satisfying UNJUSTIFIED Jewish demands. Also: Od Jews who have nothing to do with those Poles of Jewish faith (or ancestry), who were murdered by the Germans.

    Seriously, such behavious generates anti-Jewish feelings. Because it is being given a free-pass. Because of "the holocaust". Kind of like with black people: don't punish them too hard,because "slavery", don't call out those who plunder Foot Locker stores.
    For fear of "antisemitic" or "racist" we allow hateful feelings to Prosper....


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