Sunday, June 7, 2020

George Floyd as a Palestinian Underlines Anti-Western Civ Thrust of Movement

"The very term 'Western Civilization' is racist," one of my bosses on a university campus said to me.

It's a safe  bet that he was teaching that to his students, in lieu of substantive subject matter, like, oh, say skills and information, and that his students received good grades and letters of recommendation only once they regurgitated anti-Western-Civ agitprop. 

There are no statistics to support the assertion that white police officers are disproportionately killing black men. See the scholars who study this matter, cited in my lengthy, previously posted, article. 

The killing of George Floyd was wrong. Everyone, from every spectrum of opinion, says so. The responsible officers were fired and arrested immediately, and their lives are pretty much over. 

Numerous black and white people have been killed in subsequent rioting, including Officer David Dorn, murdered by looters. No one on Team Riot is mourning or even mentioning Dorn. His black life does not matter to them. 

No, this is not about a need for police reform or systemic racism. 

The message is: whites, all whites, from Minneapolis, which is now a smoking ruin, to Poznan,  are racist and riding on unearned "white privilege." Whites must kneel and apologize.

Non-whites, all non-whites, everywhere, are united in blissful release from bondage to evil whites. George Floyd has everything in common with Muslim Arabs living in Israel. 

Mona Eltahawy has written about Muslim Arab racism against blacks.

And non-whites are suffering disproportionately from the current rioting and looting meant to punish whitey. See the Wall Street Journal article, "Who the Looting Ruins."

That I bring up facts that run counter to the power narrative makes me just another white racist who needs to shut up and kneel.


  1. This "white privilege" baloney is unadulterated cultural Marxism.

  2. "The very term 'Western Civilization' is racist," one of my bosses on a university campus said to me.

    Sometimes, I wonder it there is to what the Soviet dissident Viktor Suvorov once hinted at: Communism never disappeared, it migrated to the West.

    About Poznan: It is ruled by Mr. Jaskowiak, whom I consider to be very oikophobic (albeit not as openly as the abovementioned "professor").Poznan is also know as a leftist swamp.Which is still very far away from what you are experiencing.

    1. Hanna, why is Poznan leftist?

    2. Good question. Poznan was the most burgdeois city in Poland. One of the leftists was my cousin, who has died recently.

  3. Have you seen this here:

  4. Really good article about white privilege here:

  5. Through no fault of our own, a number of us on this blog, including Danusha, have missed out on the “White Privilege” gravy train. Looks like we’ll need to find the phone number for the White Privilege Hotline.

    1. Gene, Amen. Check out the above-linked article from quillette about white privilege. It's a must read.

  6. Hello,

    I would like to inform everyone that Adam Brodsky's twitter account has been deleted. I am not surprised at all. That Polish Jew was so pro-Polish. It was only a matter of time.

    On the other hand twitter account of Gulag-admirer Artur Flek is still active.

    1. Oh, so I am not the only victim of deletion? Is there a rule to being deleted on Twitter? I can still find lots of hatred, racism (white and black, probably also Asian, but I dont speak languages like Khmer so I cant check) and Islamist propaganda. Also: Hardcore antisemitism (not things like criticism of real Jewish behaviour/behaviour by Jews).

      Is it possible that you get deleted if you do have a point? Because than you are really, really dangerous as no one can call you a raving lunatic?

  7. There is a classic book about German police "Ordinary men" by Browning. A British journal for intelectuals claims, that the policemen were Roman Catholic Poles . They were German, from Hamburg, so rather Protestant.

  8. An explanation in English

  9. The police was German, part of the 'Ordnungspolizei' and its role was not 'key' one.

  10. The Blue Police was hated by everyone and both London and Communists planned to ban the police. Its role was not a 'Key' one, the policemen were poorly armed and terrorized by the Polish underground. Both Germans and underground killed the policemen. Polish writer Stanislaw Rembek described mortal degradation of a policeman, later filmed by Andrzej Wajda.


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