Monday, May 25, 2020

"Your Pain is Better Than Mine" Polish Censorship Row

A No. 1 Hit Vanished From Poland’s Charts. It’s Not Going Quietly.

In a furor over censorship, prominent broadcasters resigned and artists asked for the state-run radio station at the center of the controversy to stop playing their music.
New York Times 

"“Your Pain Is Better Than Mine,” which on Friday had more than nine million views on YouTube, is a not-so-veiled censure of a privilege extended to a top politician during the coronavirus lockdown. Mr. Kaczynski, whom the song does not mention by name, was allowed a visit to a Warsaw cemetery in April while it was closed to the public. The visit took place on the anniversary of the Smolensk crash, in which Mr. Kaczynski’s twin brother, Lech, Poland’s president at the time, died. The opening of the cemetery especially for Mr. Kaczynski was sharply criticized on social media."


  1. I can understand that this can be considered an issue. Than again, there were allegations of...non-legitimate upvoting ( like vote-buying,astroturfing and the likes) of the song. Anyhow, he is pretty famous now, What concerns me is, that, some years ago, a patriotic song (Zle Psy-Jestem z Polski or along the lines) was pulled because the radio admins did not like it. Any nobody in the West was crying wolf. 2xstandards, I asssume. Because we hate Kaczynski and PiS.

    But, just to give you another perspective: In Germany, people were not allowed to visit their dying parents. Or to have decent burials. There is a Muslim-Kurdish Arab (so-called "Mhallamiye Kurds") mafia, sorry, "family clans" in Germany, the Miri clan. They let the police know that they don't care about any limitations. And the German authority was all like "yeah, but we are letting in only 20 at one go into the cementary so why is everyone so upset"? Compared with this the whole thing seem to be slightly blown out of proportions.

    Oh, and Mr. Kazik said, that he does not want to be instrumentalized for any political goals. A true punk rocker, I guess.

  2. The radio has been criticized by President of Poland and many journalists. The radio is one of tens if not hundreds of radio stations in Poland. The worst form of cenzorship in Poland is defamation politics of courts. Reach and influential people are able to control some informations.


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