Monday, April 13, 2020

Janusz Korwin-Mikke: Pogroms Were Good for Jews

Sejm member Janusz Korwin-Mikke said that pogroms were good for Jews. 

Pretty vile, no? 

Get a load of his other statements. I'm just cutting and pasting from Wikipedia

The man is a disgrace and an embarrassment. 


During the 2000 presidential campaign in Poland
Mikke gained fleeting notorierity in Polish mass media due to his populist claims. He believes that women are generally less intelligent than men, citing chess results to back up his claims.[9] [10] At the same time he names Margaret Thatcher as his political guru.[11][12][13]
Other provocative statements include his claim that there is no written proof that Adolf Hitler was aware of the Holocaust.[14] He also stated that the difference between rape and consensual sex is very subtle[14], even going as far as saying that "Were you to understand woman's nature, sir, you would know that there is an element of rape in every sexual intercourse".[15] He further claimed that: "there is a hypothesis that the attitudes of men are passed to women by way of the semen which penetrates the tissue... now when contraceptives are much more in use, the women become much more independent".[6] During the 2012 Summer Paralympics, Korwin-Mikke wrote that the general public should "not see the disabled on television".[16] In 2007 he set up the "Individual Development Foundation" which helps disabled people develop their skills in chess.[17][18] He proposed that the European Commission's Berlaymont building would be better used as a brothel.[7][19] In regard to welfare, he believes that "if someone gives money to an unemployed person, he should have his hand cut off because he is destroying the morale of the people".[6]
In 2014, Korwin-Mikke was fined by President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz for 'expressing himself in a racist manner'.[20] The decision was taken due to Korwin-Mikke's speech given during the plenary session on 16 July, when Korwin-Mikke had compared the EU employment policy to the policy of John Kennedy's administration and concluded that: 'we have 20 million Europeans who are now negroes of Europe'.[21][22] According to Korwin-Mikke the word 'negroes' was not meant as an offence, but rather referred to the song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono 'Woman is the Nigger of the world'.[23]
At the plenary session of the European Parliament held after the assault at Charlie Hebdo, Korwin-Mikke expressed his dissatisfaction with the public reaction to those events by typing at his laptop 'I am not Charlie. I am for death penalty' and presenting it to the public instead of a sign 'Je suis Charlie' held by the other MEPs.[24]
Korwin-Mikke during a press conference in the Polish Sejm, 2015
On 15 April 2015 the Polish news outlet Wiadomości quoted Korwin-Mikke that the snipers that shot civilians and police officers during the Maidan protests were trained in Poland and that they acted on behalf of the CIA to provoke riots.[25]
In July 2015, Korwin-Mikke was suspended from the European Parliament after giving a Nazi salute and saying "ein Reich, ein Volk, ein ticket" during a speech to protest against a uniform EU transport ticket.[26]
On 8 September 2015, Korwin-Mikke was giving a speech in European Parliament about the European migrant crisis, during which he described immigrants unwilling to work and only interested in welfare as "human garbage".[27] His opinion met with critical reaction of other MEPs. As a result of this, Korwin-Mikke was once more suspended from the European Parliament for 10 days and fined €3062.[28][29]
On 1 March 2017, Korwin-Mikke sparked controversy by stating that women were paid less than their male counterparts due to them being "smaller, weaker and less intelligent", during a debate in the European Parliament regarding the gender pay gap.[30][31] Two days later, Korwin-Mikke would make further comments stating that there was a stereotype that "women have the same intellectual potential as men,” with a follow up that it “must be destroyed because it is not true.”[32] Later Korwin-Mikke was suspended for 10 days from the plenary sessions as MEP of the European Parliament.[33] In May 2018 European General Court canceled all sanctions and ordered European Parliament to return the money.[34] In February 2018 Korwin-Mikke resigned as MEP to return to Polish politics.


Korwin-Mikke has a history of anti-semitic stunts and statements.[1] He promoted a conspiracy theory on Jews in conjuncton with reporting on the residents of Pruchnik beating up the effigy of an Orthodox Jew.[1] In 2020, while making comments on the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, he stated that anti-Jewish pogroms made Jews powerful via natural selection and that rabbis may have engineered this.[1][35] Korwin-Mikke denies being an anti-Semite.[10][36]


  1. One variant of Korwin-Mikke'a ideas posits that the high intelligence and nonconformist spirit of Ashkenazi Jews owes to centuries of persecution weeding-out the more conformist and less intelligent Jews.

  2. “The man is a disgrace and an embarrassment” --- who further reinforces and effectively promulgates the Bieganski stereotype of visceral anti-Semitism and profound ignorance. Another cross for Poland and Polonia to bear.

    1. Doing well, thanks. Hunkering down and staying safe. Hope you're the same.

  3. Ill play devils advocate here-Korwin-Mikke is a premium quality troll, way over 9000 (in meme-speak).

    About this quote here:we have 20 million Europeans who are now negroes of Europe': He has learned English at a later stage in life (admirable,imho), so it does not come naturally to him. Actually, he said "nigger" at the beginning, corrected it to "negroe" and his point was the following: Do not give poor people handouts, you only make them dependant on the state. Look at the US, section 8 housing etc. I do agree with him on this. Look at Switzerland-virtually no handouts and there is plenty of work for everyone, with even the lesser glamorous occupations, like garbage collector paid in a way to ensure a dignified living standard. Im speaking here as an European. We are having 4th generation(!!!) Muslim migrants basically failing at life and draining our social security systems. Which leads to: me (and others) being drained by taxes. I am sick of it, seriously, lets have a Swiss system in all of Europe. But back to his statement- I have actually seen a video (sorry,cant find it right now) by a young black Poles who supports Korwin-Mikke. He stated that the latter is not racist at all, just anti-statist.

    About his "human garbage" quote. Ok, lets put it differently, shall we? We have a huge amount of Gypsies, who are Europeans. They need a stringent, both harsh and generous, plan to get them on the right track. In 3 generations (tops, rather before that) being a Gypsie should be as cool as being Irish. For this, we need cash. Lots of cash. You can tax me for this goal, Im fine with that. What happens now is, that there is no plan to integrate Gypsy Europeans into our societies, also because we are literally wasting money on people, who have no right to be here. I would not call them "garbage", but I want them to leave asap.

    About him being an "anti-semite": He is a troll, first and foremost, and a devils advocate. He one said he would be fine with Jews, as long as their net-benefit for the Polish nation would be positive. I do not think he is a -insert claim-. He is just hyper pragmatic (Ive come to this conclusion by watching quite many of his videos in Polish).


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