Thursday, November 14, 2019

Poland Protests Netflix Documentary "The Devil Next Door"

Warsaw (AFP) - Poland has complained to Netflix that a Holocaust documentary series on Nazi German death camps "rewrites history" by featuring an "incorrect" map.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on the popular US streaming and production website to correct the "terrible mistake" that he believed had been "committed unintentionally".

A Netflix consultant in Poland who only identified herself as Malgorzata told AFP on Tuesday the company was "treating the issue as a priority" and that its headquarters would soon issue an official statement.

"Netflix did not intend to offend anyone or compromise any values," she added.

The Auschwitz memorial museum also tweeted that historical and geographical information in the Netflix documentary about the locations of Nazi death camps was "simply wrong"...

Full story here


  1. There are many methods of shifting the blame, for the Holocaust, from Germans onto Poles. Some are blatant, while others are subtle and Orwellian. This one is an example of the latter.

    1. I don't know enough about this matter to comment, but it's possible that they simply made a mistake.

  2. Another example It is a page supported by European Union, which means using my taxes. There is a map of contemporary Poland, which misinforms some readers. "hundreds of thousands of Jews from all over Europe were taken to Poland to be killed there." To Poland? "Sources on the Holocaust in Poland" - Holocaust in Poland? Their main source says "Occupied Poland" but they write "in Poland". Is it an error, when three experts, one from Poland, misinform and ignore my critics?

  3. Hello,

    Two days ago Mr. Józef Walaszczyk has celebrated his 100th birthday.
    What is so special about that man, other that his age?

    Well, during the German occupation of Poland Mr. Walaszczyk saved the lives of 54 people. To be specific, he rescued from certain death 53 strangers and a woman that he married.
    He's the oldest living Righteous Among the Nations.


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