Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Synagogue Shooting in Halle, Germany, on Yom Kippur

Rosh Hashanah prayer by Arthur Szyk 

There's been an attack on a synagogue in Halle, Germany, today, which is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest day of the year. 

I am on my way to work and can't summarize all the news coverage here. If you Google Halle, Germany, you will find the most recent accounts. 

Also, someone sent in a link to this blog that took to me a page with some of the most vile, anti-Semitic material I have ever seen. It was Nazi quality hate, but it's being published in the 21st century. I did not post that comment. 

In his play Wesele, Stanislaw Wyspianski wrote, "Let there be war the whole world over, as long as the Polish countryside is peaceful, as long as the Polish countryside is quiet." 

He wasn't really wishing war on the world. He was expressing grief at all of the attacks on Poland, and the uprisings, which occurred, when Poland was under occupation, once per generation. 

I wish I had his poetic gift, and I wish I could say something equally as poetic to Jewish friends. 

God, let our Jewish friends know peace and security, and let all the anti-Semites have their confrontation with truth. 


  1. And they cannot blame this one on the Poles.

    Aw, shucks.

    1. I find your comment shocking in response to an attack on a house of worship.

    2. Why?

      We Poles get blamed for everything and anything. And the Germans are praised for their "repentance" for Nazism.

    3. Mr. Peczkis, those were innocent victims. Let's treat them as such.

      May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.

  2. Danusha, German media is reporting that the murderer is a Holocaust denier who blames "the Jew" for the declining birth rate in the West. He filmed a "statement of purpose" from his car.

  3. Antoni Słonimski - He is from my homeland

    The one, who about his own country forgets.
    To the news, how Czech nation is flushed with blood,
    He feels like a brother to a Yugoslavian, A Norwegian, when Norwegian people is suffering,

    With the Jewish mother above fallen sons
    He bends down, wringing his hands in sorrow,
    When Muscovite is down - feels like a Muscovite,
    With Ukrainians he's crying for Ukraine,

    The one who for everyone opens his heart,
    He's French, when France is suffering, a Greek -
    When Greek nation is dying from hunger,
    that one is from my homeland. He's a human


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