Friday, July 19, 2019

Censorship on Facebook, and In Poland Under Communism

Article by me about censorship in Poland under communism and on Facebook today, here.


  1. You post a link to Bruce Bawer’s article on Tommy Robinson and Facebook removes it because it doesn't follow its undefined Community Standards. The Facebook censors are apparently unaware that he was arrested for reporting on Muslim migrant grooming gangs and filming how UK courts give them free passes after exploiting young women and girls. Surely Zuckerberg knows of Tommy and why he was arrested. Absurd.

    1. Gene, for what it's worth, after I posted the link to this article on my facebook page today, I received a message I would not be allowed to post on Facebook for another thirty days. I asked why, I got a canned message about no graphic violence or nudity. I asked for a review, and was re-instated on Facebook this afternoon. It's all so bizarre.

  2. Having experienced censorship myself (all my book reviews were taken down by Amazon, and later by GoodReads), I regret to read your article and see that you too have experienced censorship.

    1. I think what happened to your book reviews is atrocious. I tried to generate action among Polonians and I got nowhere. I disagree with many things you say but your reviews included reviews of books that no one else so much as looked at, and the discussion sections under your reviews provided a place where those, like me, who occasionally disagreed with you could do so in a civil manner. I wish Polonia had taken action.

  3. Jerzy you keep sending in messages saying that the artist is not an artist. She's plainly an artist and your saying "She's not an artist" does not add to the conversation. also you send links with no explanation. As I've mentioned several times, I don't post links by themselves. Tell me what the content of the link is.

  4. If I say that the person isn't an artist, it's bad. If I send a link to a source it's bad. You haven't given any source supporting her artistic background. She is a psychologist and activist.

    1. Jerzy if you send a link, please provide the pertinent information about the link. "This is an article from the NYT about Brexit. they argue against Brexit." That's not hard to do. About your post saying, "She's not an artist." That's all the post said. "She's not an artist." No explanation, no support. Please tell me how that advances the conversation.


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