Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Far Right Protest During Auschwitz Camp Liberation Commemoration

See NYT coverage here


  1. The NYT article states that, "Many still refuse to accept research showing thousands participated in the Holocaust..."

    I am conversant with the scholarly Holocaust literature, and would love to see the factual (as opposed to speculative) basis behind this sensationalistic, accusatory statement.

    Then again, if it makes for a better anti-Polish story, why not?

    I just reviewed a book by an NSZ guerrilla leader who specialized in the unmasking and liquidation of Poles who collaborated with the Nazis. He concluded that they were very uncommon. See my GoodReads review of MIEDZY MLOTEM A SWASTYKA (Between the Hammer and the Swastika).

    1. Author's unit killed 9 Przedbórz Jews after the war, a child among them.

    2. Hello Mr. Pankiewicz,

      Those Przedbórz Jews were accused of spying for Soviets. Maybe they were innocent, but they weren't killed for Jewishness.
      War must have ended somewhere else.
      And nobody cared about age then.

      The same unit had a Jewish doctor. His name was Juda Kamiński nom de guerre "Migoń". When doctor was wounded by the Germans another partisan carried him off the battlefield on his back.
      Doctor lost his arm and was hidden in NSZ safe house despite the fact that he outlived his usefulness.

      My point is that anti-semitic murders were not part of this unit's modus operandi.

    3. The alleged massacre of Przedborz Jews is the subject of multiple, contradictory accounts.

      On the other hand, it was sometimes necessary, for security reasons, for the Polish guerrillas to kill the entire family of the collaborator, and not just the collaborator himself or herself. This certainly applied to the families of Polish collaborators and also presumably to the families of Jewish collaborators.

      Again, these details are discussed in my review of MIEDZY MLOTEM I SWASTYKA.

  2. The problem is Grabowski's speculation regarding alleged 200,000 murdered Jews. Serious estimates say 40,000, so yes, "many still refuse to accepted fabricated number of 200,000 victims." There is no research how many Poles participated in crimes. Some people seem to belive that millions of Polish gentiles are needed to kill 40,000 . Polish criminals murdered Jews either to steal their money or other goods (father of a writer was killed because of a cow) or to prevent German repressions, rather than to collaborate.

  3. I love the response from the Interior Minister:

    "Asked by an opposition politician on Twitter how long it would take the government to react to such situations, Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski wrote: 'React to what? To the fact that someone is not in their right mind and blames all the evil in this world and his frustrations on a particular nation?'

    Well said! Contempt is the proper response to the contemptible, and this Rybak is a contemptible little hater. I just googled his name and discovered that his speech also included the following: "It’s time to fight against Jewry and free Poland from them!”

    This is the same guy who, some time back, made news by burning an effigy of a Hasidic Jew and forbidding Jews entry into his guesthouse. For the latter, Rybak, Jews should be grateful.

    Liron Rubin

  4. Does it now put you on the "far right" if you point out, politely, that the Polish army fought on the Allied Side, not the Axis, and that all Poles suffered terribly at the hands of their Nazi occupiers?

    Annoying, if so, given that I often - politely - point those things out while trying to remain strictly neutral. And given how much Poland has suffered at the hands of both Left and Right, neutrality seems a rational position.

    1. Hello Sue,

      Nazis were leftists. National Socialists, but socialists nonetheless.
      They were called far-right after the war because it was more convenient for the Soviets and their useful idiots in the West.
      I think that Poland's experience with both regimes made Poles more immune to cultural Marxism than Westerners are.

      It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes-Psalm 119:71

  5. It's the the NYT, it's Reuters. Please adress Reuters.

  6. Jan submitted a link to a video of Piotr Rybak. I prefer not to post a video from a man who burned a Jew in effigy. If people want to hear Piotr Rybak they can find his material on their own time, not on this blog.

    1. Hello Dr Goska,

      I don't believe that Piotr Rybak is a nationalist. In my oppinion he's a poser, a fake and an attention seeker.
      People don't become nationalists in such old age.

      As usual I will submit a link. Not on this subject, but I hope that You will like it.


    2. And here is another link. About some other Pole. Enjoy.



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