Sunday, December 30, 2018

London Times Writer Giles Coren Used Fake Polish Twitter Account to Send Anti-Semitic Tweets, Independent Alleges

The Independent alleges that London Times food writer Giles Coren created a Polish twitter account to send anti-Semitic tweets. Read more here. Thanks to Chris for sending this in.


  1. A post was submitted that implied that only Jews stereotype Poles as anti-Semites. I have repeatedly stated that I reject that position, and I've stated why. Non-Jews *regularly and powerfully* stereotype Poles in negative ways. To single out Jews is unfair, inaccurate, and it mongers hatred.

  2. Giles Coren has taken time out to "unter" Poles/Polonians before now.

    "My sympathy for the plight of the modern Polack is thus limited, and if England is not the land of milk and honey it appeared to them three or four years ago, then frankly, they can clear off out of it."

    This is a useful quote for those who claim I am exaggerating when I say that we have been put on the "unter" page. Would that have been publishable had he written in those terms about an immigrant group who had PC-protection? And would Giles Coren still have a mainstream media career if he wrote these things about an "uber" group?

  3. I seem to remember Giles Coren had a serious problem with hating Poles in the past. It did not seem to hamper his career too much.

  4. Allow me to quote in order to refresh your memory:

    He said: "We Corens are here, now, because the ancestors of these Poles now going home used to amuse themselves at Easter by locking Jews in the synagogue and setting fire to it."

    And: he called Polish people "polacks".

    I have an idea how to solve this situation: let's declare our nation to be black. And let's just accuse him of blunt racism. Oh by the way i had to leave my country because some of some of Corens coreligionists had amused themselves to help mąkę it a communist s..hole. Btw- there is a book by one Gabriel Berger who very proudly confesses about his communist father scurrying towards Poland (from France) in order to bring communist progress to this dark hole full of Polish peasants. Berger hates Polish people because they were "anti-semitic" and did not appreciate how much his father wanted to "enlighten" them. He later left for Israel leaving his "work" behind.(i've read this book- it is mind boggling in its antipolonism).

    Also - Why are there seemingly so many stupid, hate-filled Jewish people, especially on social media? Why not just be nice to a nation that still Has genuine sympathies left for Jews? I makes you wonder...maybe Gilad Atzmon is right (i'm talking about his book about Jewish identity politics)


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