Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Facts Refute the Recent Allegation that Jews Care Only about Jews.

Recently a poster posted the following words in a discussion thread under the post about the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting. 

"So long as it benefits the Jews, it is good, and to heck with everybody else. 
To heck with the Christian church-massacre victims getting proper compassion ...as victims of a heinous hate crime.
And to heck with the 100 million non-Jewish victims of 20th-century genocides. 
That is the crux of the whole problem."

The poster also implied that media coverage would somehow be more sympathetic to Jewish victims of shootings than to non-Jewish victims of shootings, and that public education on the Holocaust would eliminate public education on other atrocities. 

When I read this comment, I thought of the following. 

In 1998, Adam Hochschild, of Jewish descent, published King Leopold's Ghost, bringing to light previously obscured atrocities committed in Central Africa by Belgian colonizers. Virtually no one talked about these atrocities before Hochschild published this book. He, one man, opened up a hidden history and began an important conversation about Belgian crimes against Africans. 

Anne Applebaum, of Jewish descent, has published numerous books about Communism's crimes, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Gulag, a History. 

Lawrence Wechsler, of Jewish descent, wrote Poland in the Season of Its Passion, a book that completely enchanted me with its vivid, warm description of every day Poles in the Solidarity era. 

My own work, Bieganski, the Brute Polak, was not published in part or in whole by Polish journals or by Polish publishers, to whom I offered it, but who passed, often telling me quite frankly that they were afraid to be associated with my potentially controversial work.  

Rather, the first chapter of the book to appear in print appeared under the direction of Jewish editors, and the book itself was published by Jewish publishers. 

I could go on. There are hundreds of books, articles, and media materials, produced by Jews, on the suffering of non-Jewish persons. There are martyrs, as well. The most famous in this country are the two Jewish men, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, who gave their lives in the Civil Rights Movement.

At this moment, Robert Bowers, the synagogue shooter, is being treated in a hospital whose president is Jewish. He is being treated by nurses and doctors who include Jews in their number. 

From the New York Post

He’s taken into my hospital and he’s shouting, ‘I want to kill all the Jews,' Dr. Jeff Cohen, the hospital’s president and a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue, told ABC.

'The first three people to take care of him are Jewish.'

A nurse whose father is a rabbi also treated Bowers, Cohen said.

'We have a very simple mission at [Allegheny General Hospital] and I imagine it’s exactly the same at the other hospitals in the area: We’re here to take care of sick people. We’re not here to judge you,' Cohen said."

In short, I reject the poster's allegation that Jews care only about Jews, and that public education on the Holocaust necessarily eliminates education on other atrocities. In fact, in many cases, the very texts we rely on to learn about and understand other atrocities have been written, edited, or published by Jews. That is the case when it comes to my own work. 


  1. Jan Peczkis you submitted a comment repeating things you have said before. Repeating the same thing over and over is spam. Your post will not appear here.

  2. Jan Peczkis you submitted a comment that consists of a link to one of your book reviews. The book review consists of a series of negative quotes about Jewish people. Just acknowledging that submission.

  3. @produced by Jews, on the suffering of non-Jewish persons.

    Ok. It would be interesting if the book about the Congo is used to talk about the Holocaust as well...be that as it may: I do believe that every ethnocentric Community cares about itself more than about others. This may lead to situations where for example high ranking members of said group are diverting for example state funds for projects favouring their group. Like Chinese in Myanmar. Whites in Apartheid SA.Or probably AIPAC in the US with regards to Israel.

    As to: The poster also implied that media coverage would somehow... and that public education on the Holocaust would eliminate public education on other atrocities.

    Well. Its true. At least in Germany. I did not learn about German crimes against my people in school.Only that "Polish universities were closed down"! About the Armenian genocide I was not taught. Not about the Holodomor.About the Russians gulags. When I pointed out this fact to a Jewish woman (my point: its important to remember all human tragedies) she told me that no, because this "would diminish Jewish victims". Well, this is not endearing.

    I know is not all Jews still auch opinion are not making people like Jews more.

  4. Jan Peczkis you submitted two comments repeating things you have already said in this thread, ie, that Jews control discourse, and that Jews don't care about non-Jews. You also included a link to one of your reviews. Your repetition of the same anti-Semitic points over and over is spam, and I will not post these comments.

  5. You could also add Saul Alinsky to the list, if you're feeling in an especially risk-taking mood.

  6. Fun fact: The only Gulag Museum in Russia is run by a... Jew!

  7. Another example of Jews caring only about Jews: https://codastory.com/disinformation-crisis/rewriting-history/one-man-s-struggle-for-russia-s-soviet-memory

  8. Raphael Lemkin was inspired to coin the word genocide by the Armenian Genocide and the Holodomor.

  9. Look up Anne Heyman and her work with orphans of the Rwandan genocide.

  10. Reality Check please post under a real first and last name.

    Saul Alinsky began his career by helping Polish Catholics in the Back of the Yards area of Chicago. They had a very high infant mortality rate.

  11. I'm genuinely horrified to find that this even needed saying.


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