Monday, September 3, 2018

Polish Bieganskis, German Nazis, and Media Manipulation of Civil Unrest in Chemnitz

One of the arguments of "Bieganski, the Brute Polak Stereotype" is that, for a number of complicated reasons, guilt for Nazism's crimes, which properly belongs to Nazism, is laid at the foot of Bieganski, a stereotypical Eastern European, Catholic, peasant.

The book argues that that shift in guilt is carried out through verbal legerdemain. 

We are currently observing something of the opposite. 

Now any German can be labeled a Nazi. This development is rather dramatic. 

There has been civil unrest in Chemnitz, Germany, for the past week.

The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets explain the unrest thus: Right-wing neo-Nazis are randomly chasing and beating up "people of color."

I smelled manipulation, and tried to find out more facts via alternative media sources.

Alternative media sources are saying that a German man attempted to protect a German woman from sexual assault by migrants. The migrants pulled out knives and stabbed the German man to death.

I can't confirm this version of events, and there is at least one other version of events. In this second version, the dead man was attempting to withdraw money from an ATM when he was stabbed to death by migrants.

In any case, the video linked below is interesting. At the 3.30 minute mark, you see some protesters conversing with someone chastising them for demonstrating.

One man says, "I can't walk downtown with my wife and children, because the migrants attempt to sexually harass them."

The pro-migrant woman has no answer for that.

Mainstream media is labeling this man and others like him a "Nazi." 

It's interesting to see whom the PTB label a "Nazi," depending on whose ox is gored. 

PS: a couple of my German friends have informed me that West Germans feel contempt for East Germans. Chemnitz is in East Germany. 

Otto, who has sometimes contributed to this blog, said that back during the days of East Germany, some of his relatives from East Germany visited his family in the US. They were out in public, speaking German, and some West Germans approached and began to converse with them in a friendly way. Then they looked at their shoes. East Germans had shabby shoes. The West Germans stopped being friendly and backed off. 

Another PS: Chemnitz used to be Karl Marx Stadt, and it is still home to a giant bust of Karl Marx. It is rather bizarre to see mass rallies of allegedly "Nazi" Germans gathered under a giant bust of Karl Marx. Oh, the layers of manipulation involved in such an image. If only Orwell were alive. 


  1. The West Germans stopped being friendly and backed off.

    East= Ost in German. Ossis=Germans from the eastern part of Germany.

    Ossi-Bashing is a real thing. I think it has been 2 days ago that the police officialy recanted on the "Foreigners were chased by neo-nazis through the streets of Chemnitz" story. But who cares? The damage has been already done, Grabowski-Gross-style. JE SUIS CHEMNITZ, JE SUIS SACHSEN. Enough is enough.

    Have a look at this video- Caution: I do NOT endorse this particular youtuber. He is kind of problematic in his own right. F.e he believes, apparently, that the German Reich still exists (the German version of your "freemen of the land" stick).

    But this short video is worth seeing. Its about how the state!!! paid leftist musicians (whos tickets sell at around 35 $ upwards!) to "play and sing against racism and hatred", how Flixbus was transporting people FOR FREE!!! to this concert. Note that at min. 5.05 two women who knew the murder victim tell him that people should not believe everything they hear on TV and that they are afraid. Also note that one of the women is not really white. He also says that he was threatened as a "nazi" to leave immediately:

    This is Germany. To be honest, I just want to leave asap.

  2. You fascist! You Nazi!

    That's the oldest trick in the book--to call someone that merely disagrees with the left-wing agenda.

    That's all it is. In no sense is it a moving away from the standard guilt diffusion away from the Germans.


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