Sunday, July 29, 2018

NYT: Massive Increase in Antisemitism in France; Muslims Are Source; "Silent Ethnic Cleansing."

Etienne Laurent/European Pressphoto Agency Source
Shocking, depressing article from the NYT. Massive increase in antisemitic hate crimes in France. Criminals are Muslims, who often cite their religion as inspiration. In one case, an elderly Holocaust survivor was murdered by an assailant yelling "Allahu Akbar."

Crimes range from Muslims spitting on Jews in public to torture and murder. Neighborhoods are emptying out. Jews are planning to leave France or to live in ethnic ghettos where they can feel safe.

People are asking Muslims to address antisemitic passages in the Koran. Muslims decline to do so.

The government does not want to speak about this. Muslims resist accepting responsibility. Muslims quoted in the article insist that the problem is "Jewish Islamophobia." One claims that Jews control the world.

Read the full article, They Spit When I Walk in the Street: The New Antisemitism in France here

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  1. People are asking Muslims to address antisemitic passages in the Koran. Muslims decline to do so.

    Indeed. And no one is blaming them for refusing to do so... To be honest, until the beginning of this year I would have been outraged. But now, I just do not care any longer. With regards to France; people who were/are criticizing Muslim intolerance were viciously attacked by this Jewish group here: (Im saying its Jewish because Jews founded it and its leadership happens to still be Jewish) for being "racist" and "islamophobic". France has been having huge problems with its Muslim population (just watch the pillaging after them winning the world cup...) but apparently only now, when the Jewish community is targeted, the problem is noticed by a broader range of society. But organizations like LICRA dont care, they continue to support f.e illegal migrants from Muslim countries, attacking every critic as a bigott and do not notice the real Jew hatred flooding into the country. This is why people are blaming Jews for multiculturalism I guess. Its sad but there will be no Jews left in France if this continues.I just hope they will omit Poland because it would not be smart to let in masses of people who were conditioned to dislike you. Israel will probably take them in. And these young Jews will be astonished how hard life is in Eretz Israel....


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