Tuesday, February 6, 2018

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Condemns Polish Law Criminalizing Speech about the Holocaust

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has condemned the Polish law criminalizing speech about the Holocaust link


  1. '“Enactment of this law adversely affects freedom of speech and academic inquiry,” Tillerson added.'

    Same old rubbish

  2. Candaian summary - Bieganski was too primitiv, to construct death camps:
    Without the German organizational drive, it is highly unlikely that the Poles would have spearheaded the network and system of mass death factories. Poland was largely rural and primitive and the national consciousness heavily influenced by a viciously antisemitic Catholic church. Left to their own devices, they likely would have carried on with the centuries-old tradition of pogroms and other Jew-hating ways, all of which were socially acceptable.

    1. Thanks for this. It's part of a trend. Poles were too dumb to have carried out the Holocaust. Examples can be found in my book.

    2. Turns out Polish life only makes sense when it's devoted to serving Jewish life(figures when holocaust scholars like Barbara Engelking view Poles as cattle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tyyi-NimsJU ). At the same time every act against Jews is antisemitic and every antisemitic act is fault of entire Polish nation. Every good deed is individual and nationless. And only 'tens of thousands who perished in concentration camps'(just Auschwitz and Mauthausen put Polish death toll higher) count as victims. All the rest commited suicide or died of old age of 3 I guess. They're probably angry Arenda is not a thing anymore and take it out on us. It's like when supermarket gives out freebies and then stops people are up in arms because they feel entitled.

    3. Lex please use a real name with your posts. The rest of us do.

    4. "Lex" wrote, "Turns out Polish life only makes sense when it's devoted to serving Jewish life...At the same time every act against Jews is antisemitic and every antisemitic act is fault of entire Polish nation."

      You have just identified the elephant that is in the room.

      The emperor is unclad.

      The era of the shuffling Polish Uncle Tom is finally coming to an end. And that is why Poland's masters are having an absolute meltdown.

      We are living in interesting times indeed.

    5. Jan Peczkis "Poland's masters are having a meltdown."

      Jan are you referring to Jews? If you are, that qualifies as an anti-semitic statement.

      Jews are not Poland's masters. That's a conspiracy theory delusion.

  3. Not only Jews. Also the Euracrats, globalists, etc.

    If the events of the last two weeks don't show that Poland is trying to free herself from her masters, which are very real, I don't know what else would.

  4. Jarosław Kaczyński has created a number of problems himself. Even pro-PiS journalists ask why did the PiS push the law through the Senate after Auschwitz speach by Iisraeli ambassador. The former PM Jan Olszewski is agaisnt the criminal law. People in Poalnd hate problems, they accepted warm water Tusk's rules, now they have a rollercoaster.

    1. Maybe a rollercoaster is what we need. And a bucket of cold water on some naive heads.


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