Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"When Israel Ignorantly Blames the Holocaust on the Poles, It Boosts Their Illiberal Nationalists": Haaretz

"When Israel Ignorantly Blames the Holocaust on the Poles, It Boosts Their Illiberal Nationalists": Haaretz link


  1. It is ironic that Poland, the country that suffered most at the hands of the Nazis, is almost more closely associated with the Holocaust than Germany itself./p>

    Well with so much help from the Jews themself.... It's not ironic it's extremely hurtful to any Pole. It is dangerous! If Polish people will be regarded as a nation of genocide perpetrators it will be hard for us to have meaningful military Alliances, to get good deals in Trading agreements. Perhaps it won't even make people in the future not wanting to help us when we will be in trouble!!! Case in point, the Jews themselves. People but then thought they were responsible for communism so no one wanted to take them as refugees. A lesson not learnt apparently.

    been foolish - and smells of anti-Polish prejudice

    Oh really? so this is bad because it makes you look bad, it makes you look like a racist anti-Polish -censored-. About The Hurt Feelings of Polish people she doesn't care at all.

    Above this newspaper- I heard it's a very leftist newspaper and often accused of being.... Anti-Israel.

  2. A very revealing article indeed.

    Some gems:

    "Clearly, it’s a complicated situation that requires a thoughtful and yet forceful response. Israeli leaders opted instead to equate the Polish law with Holocaust denial, in an ignorant and foolish display of haughtiness and prejudice."

    No kidding! For once HAARETZ has spoken the truth.

    Now, with reference to Yair Lapid:

    "But the Israeli politician’s implicit claim of a monopoly over historical truth is ludicrous and conceited. Had Lapid claimed that it was the Poles who came up with the Final Solution, would it have been impermissible to correct him, just because his father survived the Holocaust?"


    "Even before we debate a "Polish culpability" for the Holocaust, it should be admitted that the very concept of collective guilt is fraught with danger. No one knows this better than the Jews..."

    Absolutely. But that is what Holocaust discourse does all the time (e. g., "Poles need to come to terms with the past", meaning Poles as a collective).


    On the other hand...

    "While it’s true that Poles aided, abetted and participated in the Holocaust (an estimated 200,000 Jews were killed, directly or indirectly, by Poles),..."

    That is a monstrous fib. The "200,000" is based on the media-repeated assertions of Jan T. Gross, Jan Grabowski, and Barbara Engelking, and is a number pulled out of thin air for propaganda purposes.

  3. What is "indirectly killed"? 6.000.000 Polish citizens were indirectly killed by the U.S.A. administration, which destabilized Europe participating in WWI, left Europe and returned when it was too late.


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