Friday, May 26, 2017

Bieganski on American Gods: Czernobog

You can view Czernobog here.

He is Bieganski, now on American TV. 

Please read Bieganski. Please support the work of this book against stereotyping of Poles and other Bohunks.  


  1. A very blatant bit of Bieganski-ing.

    We clearly are on the "unter" page in The Handbook of Political Correctness, so we are labelled a Safe Target by the most powerful media and academe in the world.

    Imagine if they had got their PC-underwear in a twist - and made him a member of a protected "uber" group! Career ending.

    Do we know who wrote, directed and produced this?

    1. Hi, Sue, if you google the show American Gods you can find out everything you want to know.

    2. Hi Danusha, I just looked it up - but can't bear to read too much about the series - it sounds poisonous in many ways from the little I read.

      But I did note that there is a god, Shadow, played by an African-American actor, and there is a Middle Eastern/Arabic character (Djinn?), also a god, I guess (I had to stop reading fairly quickly).

      IF anyone has seen it - and I would strongly advise against doing so - I would be interested to know how these two characters from PC-protected minorities are portrayed.

      I am guessing that they will be treated with much more respect than the Eastern European character is, but as I have no intention of watching it, I cannot confirm my guess.

      On the Doubleplusgood side, isn't the contrast between "the world" and the loving standards of Jehovah, the God of Abraham, becoming clearer by the day?

      Jehovah asks us to treat everyone with the same kindness and respect that we would want for ourselves.

      His word really is a light shining in a very dark place, drawing us close to him.


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