Friday, January 27, 2017

"...and others."

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. The many non-Jewish Slavs the Nazis murdered as untermenschen will be mentioned. We are "...and others." 

This year, though, American's newly installed president declined to mention even Jews in his grammatically incorrect statement marking the day.

Photos below from The Atlantic "The Invasion of Poland


  1. I would point out that The Atlantic’s photo 2, which shows Polish cavalry with lances and assigns a date of April 29, 1939, is misleading. The lance was dropped in 1937 and issued to a cavalryman as a weapon of choice only. Cavalry units were equipped with modern armament, including 75 mm guns, tankettes, 37mm AT guns, 40mm AA guns, anti-tank rifles and other pieces of modern weaponry. Apart from countless battles and skirmishes in which the Polish cavalry units fought dismounted, there were 16 confirmed cavalry charges during 1939 and only one in which lances were used. Contrary to common belief, most of them were successful. (Wikipedia).

  2. To the reader who submitted a comment insulting me personally, as you can see, I chose not to post your comment.

  3. Isn't a bit ironic for the ADL to complain that the Jews were not explicitly mentioned when there is already so much more attention to the genocide of Jews (the Holocaust) than to the genocides of all other peoples combined?


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