Friday, July 29, 2016

New Jersey Artist Gary Wynans, aka Mr. abILLity, Insults Polish Katyn Massacre Victims and Police in Public Artwork

Photo by Yogi Arora source
New Jersey "artist" Gary Wynans, aka Mr. abILLity, insulted Polish Katyn massacre victims in a recent artwork installed on a street in Jersey City, the same city where the Katyn massacre statue stands. 

Wynans also insulted police officers, depicting them as pigs. 

You can read more here and here


  1. I am not surprised that Pope Francis has said to Poles what he did. He has consistently been promoted quasi-Marxist and globalist ideology from the beginning of his papacy.

    In fact, I wonder about this pope. Who really is he?

    1. Your comment seems to be attached to the wrong post, but in answer to your question, here is who he is

      and according to this, you are quite wrong to impute to him any Marxist leanings. As for his inter-faith dialogue, what could be wrong in opposing Islamophobia or indeed any kind of phobia? The planet will only survive if we try to understand each other.

    2. You are correct about me (accidently) placing this in the wrong post. I meant it to go in the more recent post on Pope Francis-visit to Poland.

      My question, about who this pope is, was rhetorical, in case you did not get it.

      The usual buzzwards about "understanding each other", and promoting a quasi-Marxist and globalist agenda, which this pope does so consistently, are two different things.

      No one should be telling Poles what they should or should not do (in this case about admitting foreigners in large numbers)--not Angela Merkel, not the globalists, and certainly not the pope.

      Enough said.

    3. I recognize a rhetorical question when I see one. I can see that I was right in answering it, however, since you still seem to be convinced that this Pope is somehow a Marxist.

      As a frequent reviewer you will of course appreciate that language and the carefully-chosen word can produce quite an effect. To associate someone with Marxism, however indirectly, is extremely damaging, particularly for a Polish audience.

      I happen to think this Pope is idealistic if rather naive. Danusha's article makes the point that he seems to be unfamiliar with Polish history, which is a valid observation. But he is not a part of some global conspiracy, unless you want to describe the Catholic Church in that way, but is preaching Christian charity, it seems to me, when he talks about accepting foreigners. But Poland can and probably will completely ignore his exhortations.

      As for Merkel and the EU, that is a different proposition entirely. The Pope imposes no duties for anyone other than on believers whereas Poland as a state has signed up to the rules of the Euro Club, seems to be happy about any benefits, but not so happy about any obligations. The argument about whether to accept mass immigration or not could eventually lead either to Poland withdrawing from the EU or of the EU itself collapsing.

      Pope Francis, however, is hardly an EU-sponsored Trojan Horse.

  2. If you want to write an article about disrespect I believe that it is of the utmost importance to remain respectful. By putting "artist" in quotes you have been quite disrespectful. You have every right to not like his work but to try and claim he is not a legitimate artist because you disagree with his work is an irresponsible and frankly rude thing to do. Further, he never reprinted a cop as a pig in his mural. That was in his private artwork and was never a part of what was commissioned and never executed in the mural itself. Please check your facts before you public ally degrade someone. Especially when the topic of the article is about public degradation. Thank you.

    1. Chart, thank you for respecting what happened at Katyn.

      Oh, wait. You didn't mention Katyn.

      I see. Thank you for revealing your priorities.

    2. ReVealing prioities? Meet the man before running your 'fingers' cyber social justice warriors make me sick. This ARTIST is a minority, decent, hard-working, talented artist that was brought up in the Jersey city streets. My priorities aren't about a massacre that I didn't know about, their have been quite a few throughout history, it's about a good friend who had been dragged through the mud by the municipal government because the 'community leaders threatened to cut funding. Maybe Fulop could just go to his buddies at wall street to cover his budget? Maybe... I can't wait for the day Goldman Sachs offers him the right salary and he leaves the out of town carpet baggers and hipsters high and dry without the white washed, watered down gentrified down town, Jersey City. me and mine walk the streets with pride and without fear I'm better person like you cross the street when they see a black person coming? No balls. Yeah I'm crass and proud of it. Jeez, this has me laughing. When did you move to Jersey City, bruh? Two years ago. Honestly this post wreaks of yuppie City Hall employee.. last I checked Jersey City was in the United States and usually that My buddy Vin Sanity drew these. I think they're awesome! May need these and add a few bubble comments ;)

    3. Chart, that monument commemorates 21 768 people who were murdered in cold blood. And You’re bitching about quotation marks? Get your priorities straight.

  3. Hi, I don't know the artist, but I just read everything you posted as well as the links. I have an apartment right in front of his original Monopoly Murual, and I didn't catch any of this. Please do not distort information to the public. Please post sources. This is a very misleading article.

    1. Jade Stone thank you for respecting and understanding what happened at Katyn, and revealing that you care about why it matters so much.

      Oh, wait. You didn't even mention Katyn.

      Your post reveals much about you. And it is entirely understood.

    2. I wasn't sure if your article was about Katyn it the artist. Where are the sources for Katyn. What is the back story? Can you please inform the general public? Your article says a lot about you!

    3. Jade Stone thank you for asking.

      Short answer: Katyn is comparable to Auschwitz. It is a site where part of mass persecution of Poles, for no other crime than being Polish, took place.

      This isn't just one event.

      In September, 1939, both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia invaded Poland.

      Poland had only recently been reborn as a country after its being wiped out as a political entity by Russia and Prussia and Austria.

      All these powers were culturally genocidal. They want to destroy Poland and Polishness.

      Poland was reborn in 1918. In 1939, Poland's old enemies, Russia and Germany, invaded again.

      Millions of Poles were tortured, driven from their homes, used in medical experiments, put in concentration camps, enslaved.

      Historian Timothy Snyder calls this region the Bloodlands.

      The suffering is incomprehensible, almost unbelievable.

      At Katyn specifically, Polish officers were bound and shot in the back of the head and buried in mass graves. I think the number is 22,000 but I honestly don't know.

      America and England were allied with the Russians so they, the Americans and the English, covered up this massacre.

      You couldn't even talk about it in Poland under the Soviets. It's only after 1989 that one could even openly state what happened at Katyn.

    4. Jade Stone, is it so hard to do Your own research?

    5. I simply don't know where to start.

      Artist most likely didn't know what that monument commemorates. Why should he? After all it's just some Pollacks.

      The same ignorance and insensitivity can be found in posts written by Chart and Jade Stone.
      They don't care because it wasn't William, or Stephen, or Michael that got killed.
      Just some Mieczysław, Kazimierz, Stanisław.

      Article in WNYC mentions "victims of a Polish massacre during World War II". That name is misleading.

  4. To the complainers, you do realize someone can like and appreciate the image of the statue without it meaning you approve of the travesty it represents, right?

    As a (half) Polish American, I can say it's not insulting to say "cool statue". Calm down , dude.

    1. So, You think it’s a cool statue? Maybe You should see a larger picture, dude. Link below.

    2. What the hell does that have to do with anything I just said??

    3. It's not just an artistically shaped piece of metal. Nice that You appreciate, but it wasn't artist's intention. "Cool statue" sounds so shallow. So disappointing.

  5. Let me tell You all a story about a man. Let’s call him “Joe”.
    Joe served his country during WWII as a bomber pilot. His airplane caught fire over Germany.
    Joe did everything he could to keep his bomber in the air while his crew parachuted. He was the last to evacuate from the burning plane.
    Unlike his men, Joe landed in Soviet-held territory. He was captured by the “allies”, shot in the back of his head and buried in an unmarked grave. In some forrest in Poland. He was 28 years old.
    And why should Americans care?
    Because there’s one thing special in that story. First Lieutenant Joseph J. Gorczyca was from New Jersey.

    1. Again, what does your meaningless babble have to do with anything??

    2. Just checking empathy level. Pretty low.

  6. The Katyn massacre was a tragedy, but calling the memorial a "cool statue" doesn't diminish the details surrounding what happened. Instead of being outraged that an artist from Jersey City is being censored by fake politicians who pretend to represent the interests of this city, the outrage is that he used a phrase that seemed dismissive. If anything, considering the Katyn Memorial a cool statue is an authentic part of the Jersey City experience because most kids growing up here don't know the history behind the statue. Whether that's what the artist originally intended or not is a moot point. Instead of taking umbrage with a harmless phrase, you could take the opportunity to help the general public brush up on the statue's significance. It's all about whether you're trying to build others up or tear them down. It's much easier to criticize an artist than it is to be one.

    1. Adrian A Class you reveal zero awareness of what you are talking about.

      If a Polish American artist referred to a monument to slavery as a cool statue that artist would be pilloried.

      You just don't get it at all.

      Polish lives don't matter to people like you.

    2. Adrian A Class you also reveal your abysmal ignorance and arrogance in hectoring me to educate the public about Polish history. If you took the five seconds it would take to do a google search, you'd realize how stupid your comment is. Too much work for you. You'd rather shoot off your mouth than learn something about people whose lives mean nothing to you.

    3. It didn't offend me Adrian - I am a Polonian - my father was a Polish para - but I accept that the expression has hurt some of us. Which I am sorry about, but I don't feel that any hurt was intended, and take no offence.
      I am impressed that there is a memorial there at all! Katyn is one of those inconvenient Politically Incorrect atrocities that is usually sent down the Memory Hole asap. It took English Polonia decades to be allowed any kind of memorial. So thanks New Jersey.


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