Sunday, June 26, 2016

No More Polish Vermin


The Guardian June 26, 2016

"Racist incidents feared to be linked to Brexit result"


"People have been reporting incidents of racism believed to be fuelled by the result of the EU referendum, including alleged racist graffiti and cards reading “no more Polish vermin” posted through letterboxes.

Suspected racist graffiti was found on the front entrance of the Polish Social and Cultural Association (POSK) in Hammersmith, west London, early on Sunday morning.

The Metropolitan police confirmed they had been called to the cultural centre on Sunday morning and were pursuing inquiries related to “allegedly racially motivated criminal damage”."


Thanks to the author of With Blood and Scars for this article.


  1. The equivalent in the US might be someone scrawling anti-Polish graffiti on the Kosciuszko Foundation building. Some ultra-nationalist attitudes seem to be surfacing over here in England after the anti-EU vote. But, in fairness, these attitudes are not confined to the UK. Remember the Wroclaw effigy burning? And the apparent rise of ultra-nationalist attitudes in the USA? The pendulum seems to be swinging away from a left-of-centre political establishment and in some instances it is swinging too far the other way.

  2. The lowliness of Poles, in British eyes, is not surprising. After all, the European Union (EU) is a form of neo-colonialism, wherein Poland is a colonial outpost of the wealthy western European nations, and a source of cheap labor for the same.

    The European Union is a tool of internationalists, globalists, and radical leftists. They desire the EU in order to rob Poland of her remaining sovereignty and of her religious and patriotic traditions, and to force their agendas on Poland.

    Most significant of all, the European Union is a fulfillment of age-old German dreams of hegemony over Europe. In fact, the arguments presented in support of the European Union are ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME as those that had been used to justify German rule over Europe during WWI and WWII! The EU is, effectively, the Fourth Reich. See THE TAINTED SOURCE. To see my review of this stunning, eye-opening book, please click on my name in this specific posting.

    Bravo to the British for the Brexit vote! I hope that the Polexit movement will grow, and Poland will emancipate herself from the European Union.

    1. I wonder how many Poles in the UK would be saying 'bravo' along with you?

    2. I imagine Poles in the UK probably wouldn't. The fact that there are so many Poles in Britain is a problem.

      Chris Helinsky

    3. It is definitely a problem, in more ways than one. Owing to the fact that the western Europeans are buying out, and the EUcrats closing, commercial enterprises in Poland, there are few jobs in Poland. For this reason, Poles (now "the Mexicans of Europe") are forced to emigrate to western Europe to work for, and be dependent on, the western Europeans, and to build up the western European economies.

      Poland should be out of the EU, and the EU should be out of Poland. Get the foreign meddlers and bureaucrats out of Poland! May productive enterprises flourish in Poland, and let Polish workers' labor serve to build up the Polish economy, and not the economies of the western-European neo-colonial powers.

      There is a petition, with nearly 8,000 signatures so far, for POLEXIT--getting Poland out of the European Union. Those interested in signing it (I did) should click on my name in this specific posting.

    4. That is not quite what I was thinking, but you may be also be right. I was thinking that freedom of movement hurts Poland because it allows the political class to ignore the problems of the country. If not for the ability to easily go to Britain and elsewhere for work, the unemployment rate would be higher. This would force some change to the status quo in Poland. Freedom of movement has allowed for the exporting of unemployed people to the wealthier parts of Europe. Freedom of movement also creates a brain drain because the situation in Western Europe is better than in post communist Poland. Poland's best will build their lives and wealth outside of Poland and Poland will miss out. I have heard arguments that remittances make up for the loss of people, but I don't buy it. The loss of the talented and skilled is too great a loss for any amount of money to compensate.

      Chris Helinsky

    5. Some very prescient points, Chris, about the "brain drain" and its incalculable losses to Poland.

      The Soviet Union and the Third Reich had imposed aristocide (the "brain drain" of Poland's brightest and best) through mass murder (e. g, Katyn). The Fourth Reich (European Union) conducts its own, nonviolent and subtle "brain drain": Creating conditions in Poland that force Poland's brightest and best to emigrate, thereby becoming unavailable to the Polish nation.

      The "remittances" are simply a bait to buy the acquiescence of corrupt Polish officials. (Recall that, in colonialism and especially in neo-colonialism, it is common for the colonial powers to buy the acquiescence of locals.)

      Also recall how the Second Reich (Bismarck's Prussia) had proclaimed that it was building railroads, etc. in Poland, something that the "incompetent" Slavs could not do for themselves. Of course, the railroads were for the benefit of the Prussian colonists, not the Poles. Likewise, the EU-sponsored building of Poland's infrastructure is for the benefit of westerners, who are buying-up more and more of Poland, and less and less for the Poles, who eventually will own virtually nothing of significance.

      The Third Reich deported millions of Poles, of prime childbearing age, for forced labor in the Reich, not only for war-related labor, but also to lower the Polish birthrate--in a calculated act of long-term biological genocide: These deported Poles would be unavailable to repopulate the Polish nation. The Soviet Union did the same in Soviet-occupied eastern Poland (Kresy). The Fourth Reich (European Union) likewise removes millions of Poles of prime childbearing age, through the imposed circumstances of impoverished Poland, effectively making them unavailable to repopulate the Polish nation. The Polish population is actually falling for the first time since WWII. The "desirable" number of Poles that should eventually exist, according to western European bureaucrats, is 15 million--about half of Poland's present population.

  3. A facebook friend posted this article about a bad Polish man in England:

  4. NPR broadcast this about anti Polish sentiment in England:

  5. On the bright side, Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has just made a speech about respecting Scottish voters' desire to stay inside the EU in which she said that EU citizens were welcome in Scotland.

  6. An article just came out (to see it, click on my name in this specific posting) about how Jewish groups are going to use the European Union to pressure Poland to pay-off so-called property-restitution claims. So now Poland will have to pay for German crimes and for the consequences of German crimes.

    So here is yet another reason that Poland should leave the European Union--as if any more were needed.

    1. Thank you for posting this Mr. Peczkis. I do not fully agree with you on your stance regarding property restitution. The properties in question would still belong to Jews if not for the war so I do not see why they should not receive compensation for them. You are, however, right about paying for the consequences of largely German actions. Maybe Germany should pay half of the value of the properties in dispute while Poland pays the other half.

      Chris Helinsky

    2. Hello Mr. Helinsky,

      Allow me to paraphrase an old French slogan: to Polish Jew as a Pole everything, to Polish Jew as a Jew, nothing.
      If some Jews from Poland want their property back, they should first apply for polish citizenship.

      If they want to be my countrymen - fine. I will accept them as they are. If it wasn't for Hitler and Stalin we could have been neighbours.

      To all those Jews who hate my country and simply want money, I say: Poland is my home, not your piggy bank.

    3. Since this discussion has progressed, I think it worth reminding the reader that all legitimate Polish debts to Jews had been satisfied a long time ago.

      The current property-restitution claims against Poland have no merit. For details, please click on my name in this specific posting.

    4. Remarkable how a discussion about the British EU vote has managed to get derailed into an exchange about Jewish restitution claims.

  7. I find it not remarkable at all. The European Union is a tool for the exploitation of Poland, and a tool for the imposition of the will of international elites upon Poland. Influential non-Jews use it for these purposes, so why not also the influential Jews?

    Again, read the article, linked in my previous post on property-restitution claims, to verify this fact for yourself.

    1. Actually, since you seem to have some kind of personal agenda, I'm not going to get into an argument with you. Besides, Poland are playing Portugal tonight.

    2. Completely nothing to do with Bieganski, but maybe Danusha will allow me to say what a brilliant performance from Poland. Too bad about the result. Better luck next time.


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