Friday, May 6, 2016

Bieganski Lives in Rabbi Zev Friedman's Protest at the Polish Consulate

"Some 200 demonstrators outside the Polish consulate in New York protested what they termed 'attempts to deny Polish war crimes during the Holocaust.'"

The rally was organized by Rabbi Zev Friedman, the dean of a suburban New York high school, in response to the interrogation last month of a Polish Jewish scholar, Jan Gross, by prosecutors concerning statements he made implicating Poles in the persecution of the country’s Jews during and after World War II..."


And of course Polish Americans are SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED that someone is saying something bad and untrue about Poland!!! Who would do that? Why? What can we do?

And then they pull the covers over their heads and fall asleep until the next incident. 

Read Bieganski. Discover what this stereotype is and why it exists. 

Then read The Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization, and Vision. And discover what you can do to change things. 


  1. OK, let's get active. We should start with a street counter-demonstration to that of Rabbi Zev Friedman.

    In it, I would like to see signs and slogans with the likes of the following:

    ​Not Only Jews Suffered!

    Poles Owe Jews Nothing!

    German Crimes & Poles Pay? No Way!

    Polish Lives Matter Too!

    Like Jedwabne--Like Koniuchy!

    Remember Deir Yassin!

    Equal Time for Jewish Crime!

    1. And what would you hope to accomplish thereby?

      I sincerely doubt that anything positive would come from such an activity.

  2. I was there. About 100 high school students and 2 Rabbis shuttled from Long Island in school buses. We asked them some questions about Holocaust, they had no clue when WWI started, when ended, how many Polish people were killed by the Germans, what really happended in Jedwabne, even the Rabbi thought that 1500 Poles have been honored by Yad Vashem (real number is over 6,000). They denied the fact that Poland as a country did not exist from September 1939 to May 1945 (their posters showed Polish borders established after the Holocaust). They had no clue that the camps were setup by the Germans in German-occupied territories. The Rabbi denied a historical fact that only in those territories anyone trying to save the Jews, and their entire families, risked death. We distributed leaflets from the Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee about the true version of the Jedwabne Massacre(committed by the Germans, and not the Poles, as Jan Gross claims) ad about the Ulma Family, executed by the Germans for trying to save Jews.

    1. whoever you are, why did you not sign your post?

  3. On the bright side. 1-200 students and one shmuck of a Rabbi in a city of 2 million Jews? Not a bad ratio that compares favorably to the per cent of Polish high school students today even in Warsaw that believe some nasty and un-true things about Jews such as the blood liber vis a vis matzah making. Not excusing this abominable ignorance on the part of this rabbi and his student, just saying.

    1. I wish it were true that we were just dealing with, using your words, "one shmuck of a rabbi" and his 100-200 students. But it is not. We are dealing with a Holocaust establishment that has an audience of hundreds of millions of people.

      Even in China, where neither Jews or Poles had ever been an issue, we have Chinese voicing negative opinions about Poles--thanks to what they learned from the teachings in the media from the Holocaust establishment.


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