Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bieganski Lives in the New York Times

I am always saddened when Poles write to me and tell me that my book "Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype" is a big waste of time because, as Poland becomes more wealthy, the stereotype of the Polish brute will die out. 

The stereotype will never die out; if you read the book you will know why.

In any case, Bieganski is very much alive in yesterday's New York Times, and certainly in the reader comments on this article

Eastern Bloc’s Resistance to Refugees Highlights Europe’s Cultural and Political Divisions

By Rick Lyman Sept. 12, 2015


  1. This article, which I read, and your two most recent posts on the subject of Islamic migration into Poland, do not tell the full story.

    Germany has threatened to use force, if necessary, to make these nations accept these people. This ALONE makes the whole scheme objectionable. It proves that Poland is not a sovereign nation, and that Germany can tell other nations what to do.

    1. Hi, Jan, can you provide a source for the claim that Germany will use force?

    2. The source can be found in the link to this posting.

  2. I have been watching what has been going on myself and have a hard time understanding the commands of Germany and the other West European nations. They demand solidarity from East Central Europe when they have historically shown very little or actively exploited them. There appears to be an eagerness to paint them as evil or profoundly bigoted when the West has bigots too. Whats more the West doesn't seem to understand that this is potentially dangerous and nobody wants to adopt the self destructive lunacy of Sweden. I found a comment on the article from a Pole who favors taking refugees but is concerned about the dangers. Reproduced here:


    I'm from Poland and I think we should help refugees. But the fact is we arent prepared for this. And it isn't even about organization. We arent France with colonial past or rich Germany with a lot of experience. And now at one moment they tell us- do what we want you to do because else we will force you to do it. I think that a problem is it is also kind of shock for us, situation we didnt experienced and here's resistance. I know that fact we are more poor country is not the answer but if we dont make little steps, one big step can be in fact a step backwards. Even if I am for yes I can't pretend there is no fear in me, I'm afraid of terrorist attacks(dont tell me there's no risk), tensions, I am afraid that my place can become more dangerous for me. And I think there's big difference between Christian and Muslim, we are compeletely different cultures, it is much more different assimilate for them. They also dont want to come to my country because it is more difficult to live here. Some people say if they escape from war, why all of them coming to Germany? It is also about money, but Germany want to force them to go to countries they actually dont want to go. There are also voices why countries of Arabian Peninsula are not more involved in the problem? Israel said no, USA take part in wars but not in refugee problems?I'm also afraid this topic can be smokescreen for other problems

    Chris Helinsky

  3. I made a mistake. The commenters name was Klaudia.

    Chris Helinsky

    1. Chris thanks. There are many good replies in the readers comments section. People are getting it.

  4. It would appear professor Gross decided to stick his head out on this issue and in doing so he has said something profoundly stupid.,Polish-Foreign-Min-rebukes-Gross-over-Die-Welt-refugee-article

    Chris Helinsky

    1. Thanks, Chris. It is priceless!

      I have read the article. Jan T. Gross now says that Poles killed more Jews than the Nazis.

      I had been exposing Gross' falsehoods, in my reviews, for a long time. I knew that Gross was out of touch with reality. However, I never realized that Gross was THAT out of touch with reality.

  5. Hello Mr. Peczkis

    Having reread the article I am wondering if I have misread it. He might have said the Poles killed more Jews than they did Germans. In any case Gross is ill informed on this matter. The exchange between Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Ben Affleck suggest that most people are unaware of the social and cultural attitudes that the refugees have that clash with the West.

    Chris Helinsky

    1. I have read the article, and you have not misread it. Gross plainly said that Poles killed more Jews than Germans. In fact, he was roundly criticized for saying it.

      It is not from ignorance. Surely Gross knows better. It is malice, plain and simple. Gross' Polonophobia has now degenerated to its most vulgar and primitive form, on par with some of the vilest things that Jews say about Poles.

      As per the ignorance of others, they should not be making pronouncements about things that they know absolutely nothing about.

      As for the refugee situation, it is another bogus issue drummed up by leftists in order to act superior to others and to club others with. And if it can weaken what is left of the sovereignty of Poland and other eastern European states, then so much the better.

    2. Hello Mr. Helinsky

      Professor Gross said that the Poles killed more Jews than they did Germans. An obvious lie for Poles, but Westerners are ignorant enough to believe in it. Lets not forget that Die Welt is a German newspaper.

      Most of those people are not refugees. They are invaders.
      It's not a matter of armament. It's a matter of attitude.

  6. Lukasz,

    No doubt that it is a lie, and no doubt that most Westerners will believe it. That is what propaganda is all about.

    The success of the propaganda does not rest merely with the ignorance of Westerners. Decades of Holocaust education, in Western schools, have also conditioned people to be receptive to Holocaust-related propaganda.

    As for the Germans shifting blame for their crimes, that is a no-brainer.

  7. An English version of Professor Gross article has been published in The Japan Times

    Chris Helinsky


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