Saturday, December 6, 2014

NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" Tells a Bieganski Joke

This blog has recorded other Bieganski jokes told by the taxpayer funded National Public Radio show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." 

The show of December 6, 2014 told another. 

"FAITH SALIE: For years Vladimir Putin has been attempting to boost Russian fertility by displaying himself shirtless, presumably to get the whole country in the mood. Turns out his country women have gotten bigger, just not with babies. Now Putin is setting his sights on the booming obesity rate among Russian ladies. His government have announced a national fitness competition to find the motherland's most vigorous vixen. The tight lucky winner's prize will be a horseback ride with Putin himself through the Siberian mountains. In the world's sexiest Slavic photo op, both she and the president will be topless. Putin promise to canter. The fitness challenges are designed to display both strength and femininity through feats that smack particularly Russian. These include figure skating and gymnastics, but also speed peeling potatoes for borscht, disassembling Matryoshka dolls and dragging to bed unconscious men who reek of vodka."

You can find previous Bieganski jokes on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" here and here

And, no, you will never hear an Amos and Andy style joke on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." 

The "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" homepage is here

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