Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Very Positive Experience with Dr. Paul B. Winkler, of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education

Bieganski the Blog recently reported on controversy surrounding Holocaust education in NJ.

Frank Milewski of the Polish American Congress addressed this controversy, and so I wrote to Mr. Milewski. 

In the previous post, I included an email that I sent to the Polish American Congress. I identified myself as the author of Bieganski and an educator in NJ. I offered to be part of the Polish American Congress' efforts to address flawed Holocaust education in NJ. 

I received no reply to this email to the Polish American Congress. 

Late last week, I phoned New Jersey Acting Commissioner of Education David C. Hespe several times. I left messages and spoke to a secretary. I left my phone number and asked for a reply. 

The last time I spoke to a secretary there was Friday. This morning, Monday, I received a phone call from Dr. Paul B. Winkler, Executive Director, State of New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. 

Dr. Winkler was *lovely.* 

Dr. Winkler was attentive, informed, and concerned. He gave me every impression of being committed to addressing Polonia's concerns. He did not hesitate to make a date to meet with me in the near future. He provided me with his email address which I used to send him my CV and an offer to speak to any group he could get together, no matter how small. 

He promised to get a hold of "Bieganski" and read it. 

I am very positively impressed with Dr. Winkler, and grateful for his attention to my concerns, and Polonia's concerns. 

I hope I can speak to Dr. Winkler soon about the main ideas in "Bieganski" and I hope that he and I can work together. 

You can see the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education webpage here.

You can read the previous Bieganski the Blog post on this matter here.

You can read about the Polish American Congress' specific objections to NJ Holocaust education here.


  1. I am getting tired of Polonia. I am post-Polonia, and anyone interested in fighting Bieganski should start anew without these people who refuse to organize

  2. Does this surprise you? Most of these are not activists - they just like to warm up the stool on which they rest their butts and collect the cash - what's more it is precisely that passive quality that has resulted in them being elected to high office. The Polish misgovernment purposely employs these do nothing types. Real Poles would never be caught dead at a PAC meeting.

  3. Did you get to meet with Dr. Winkler? If so, did any improvement in the way Poles are portrayed in Holocaust-related venues come from it?


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