Monday, March 17, 2014

New Documentary: "Forget Us Not" on the Five Million Non-Jewish Nazi Victims

This morning Terese Pencak Schwartz informed me of a new documentary film that Terese learned about through an email from Alexa Brinkschulte of Capital Ship Marketing.

The new documentary is entitled "Forget Us Not." The filmmaker is Heather Connell. The documentary addresses the five million non-Jews who were murdered by the Nazis. I watched the film's trailer on youtube and visited the film's website. I saw that interviewed survivors included a Roma or Gypsy, a Pole, and a physically handicapped Jehovah's Witness. The trailer I saw on youtube impressed me positively. I have not seen the full film so I cannot comment on it.

You can visit the webpage for "Forget Us Not" here. The "Forget Us Not" facebook page is here.

Therese Pencak Schwartz's "Forgotten Holocaust" page is here. Her book is available at Amazon here.

The trailer for "Forget Us Not" is below. 


  1. I am a Polish American granddaughter. My paternal grandparents were Catholic gentiles. They immigrated to America in 1907 (grandfather) and 1910 (grandmother) from Poland. Little did they know what would be the fate of their fellow countrymen and women, and family members decades later when the Nazi Party would rise to claim the lives of millions of gentiles, commonly referred to as the “others” who died during the Holocaust. In my research to find family members currently living in Poland, I discovered twenty-one members of my grandmother’s family perished in the Holocaust. One of those members was a Polish captain who died in a labor camp in Northern Ukraine. My heart sank as I read their names in the prisoner’s records from Auschwitz. At first I cried, then I became angry. I told myself their story had to be told. I am not a professional writer but I wrote a book entitled, “While We Slept in America.” While my grandparents were raising their children including my father, and living a relatively quiet life in America, their relatives suffered at the hand of their Nazi oppressors, just like the “others” in this movie. My book can be found on Amazon, currently as a Kindle eBook download.

    I will donated 50% of the profit to the promotion of this movie. The rest of the profits will go to the Auschwitz-Birkeneau Museum in Poland.

    This story must be told. We must never forget the millions of “other” victims who died during the Holocaust in German concentration camps in Poland, shot in the streets, or buried in mass graves. Go to:
    to read about the book and click on the Amazon link to order.

    S.A. Meros (Miros) author, While We Slept in America

    1. SA Meros if you send me a copy of your book I will write a review of it for this blog. I don't own a kindle and can work only with hard copy. Let me know. Thank you.

  2. SA Meros, I just downloaded your book. My family also lost many. There was only one survivor from my grandfather's village.


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