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"Evil Bogus Poles Marched Jews to Their Deaths": Bieganski and Meat Trade News; Guest Post by Danuta Reah


Steven Fry

World War II is portrayed by the Western Allies as a straightforward fight: good against evil. Those who read more widely into World War I and subsequent social, political and financial chaos, see something different: the inevitability of a train racing towards a collapsed bridge, knowing there is no hero struggling towards the locomotive to pull the brake before the abyss. Those of us who understand history even a little feel a shiver of déjà vu as we contemplate the world today.

However, the basic chronology and the observable facts of the 39-45 conflict are clear and available. We know who invaded whom, we know the nature of the occupations and we know how many died and how.

You'd think so, anyway.

In 1939, Hitler and Stalin invaded and occupied Poland. The Nazi occupation of Poland was savage beyond belief. There are many accounts of that occupation. One recent book: "The Eagle Unbowed: Poland and the Poles in the Second World War." Around Over five million Poles died, including three million Polish Jews. Hitler's Nazis killed them by slavery, starvation and ultimately by shooting and gassing in the death camps. These were German, Nazi death camps, built on occupied Polish land.

It's a matter of historical fact.

But not for everyone. In 2009, Stephen Fry, the well-known British comedian, writer and pundit, said on the British TV Channel, Channel 4: "There's been a history, let's face it, in Poland of a right-wing Catholicism which has been deeply disturbing for those of us who know a little history and remember which side of the border Auschwitz was on." He seemed to think that the death camps were rooted in "rightwing Catholicism," rather than a creation of Nazi Germany, built, initially, to terrorise the Polish population in general. Fry did apologise for his comments, but he is much revered in the UK, both as an amiable man and a very well-informed and intelligent one. Things you say, when you are in such a position, cannot so easily be erased.

On December 1st, 2012, that well-known organ of historical research, the Meat Trade News Daily, published an article about the Polish government's ban on ritual methods of slaughter. The headline of the article (which has now been removed) gives its flavour: "These Evil Bogus Animal Lovers Marched 4 Million Jews to Death Camps God Forgive Them."

I e-mailed the site, pointing out politely that the Poles, far from marching Jews to their deaths had been victims of the Nazis themselves, and the death camps were not Polish, they were built by Nazi Germany. I received this prompt and measured response from one William Hayes:

"you have been claiming to be victims for 70 years its time you stood on your own feet

the court ruling was last Tuesday and today as a democracy you are responsible and get the government you deserve.

Therefore you are all culpable, before you talk about Kosher and Halal what about castrating all your Roman Catholic priests to stop them buggering little boys and girls in Poland

I would have their balls out in seconds now there is a good job for your courts"

Now what to make of this? Not much, really. I suppose I could contact David Cameron and ask him if we could legislate to have Roman Catholic priests castrated, as Mr. Hayes suggests but a) I have no animosity towards Catholic priests per se and b) I doubt David Cameron would see this as a proper use for our courts.

Clearly there are too many ill-informed people out there, and rather too many idiots. Beyond that, I conclude that eating too much meat is bad for brain development. If Mr. Hayes can be seen as an exemplar, it certainly doesn't lead to clarity of thought and the ability to formulate an argument.

Go veggie, Mr. Hayes.


For the record, Bieganski the Blog takes no stand on vegetarianism. It is opposed to the castration of Catholic priests, and even William Hayes or Steven Fry.

Bieganski the Blog has long recommended organized action as the best response to the pervasive Bieganski, Brute Polak stereotype. Please read this series of blog posts on the Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization, and Vision.


Danuta Reah is a crime writer living in England. A review of her excellent book "Forest of Souls" can be found here.

A previous guest blog post by Ms. Reah addressing prejudice and demonization of the other can be found here.

Link to Meat Trade News Daily here.


  1. About the hater Hayes- I am glad to announce that, thanks to not only the Argentinian Polonia (and the embassy) but ALSO the Argentinian Jewish congregations :-D, this vile piece of hate-speech was taken down.

    I think it would be great if more and more Jewish people would start to understand/realize a simple truth-what goes around comes around.

    Its in their best interest not to have anyone from the community (and this goes for all human groups in general) spread hatred against others-.

    Also, this is, according to the Talmud, very,very unjewish behaviour ;-D (or unchristian,for the other side)

  2. BTW, is this Hayes guy a real person or just an internet troll? Or perhaps he was dumped by a smart Polish women :-D?

  3. Conformer with a CauseDecember 5, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    Firstly apologies for posting annonymously - I know you hate that but it would do me no good work wise having people know my views on certain subjects and besides which I really should be working now rather than posting this....

    Anyway a far more apt British comparison to this William Hayes character who seems out to make a name for himself is Giles Coren. Stephen Fry did eventually apologise for his less in your face remarks when to be fair to any Polish pressure groups, he must have known that not apologising would do himself no harm whatsoever. Giles Coren on the other hand is just a wind up merchant who gets paid by a formerly respectable broadsheet to post his views.

  4. William Hayes is making the tip of an iceberg of hate startlingly visible. But in the comments he made about Stalin and his treatment of Poles, he also made the double standards of "the world" a little more blatantly obvious than I think is wanted just at the moment.

    In fact, isn't that in a sense why Steven Fry had to retract his remarks about Poles? It seems that just about the very day he made his: "All you Poles are More Horrid etc" remark, somebody else in the world of Journalism made a similar remark about "All you gays...".

    He led a big charge against the journalist in question. And I assume had to retract, otherwise, once again the double standards become so blatant that too much of the iceberg appears.

    I think I may have overstretched my metaphors and will now quickly man the lifeboats and leave this post before it sinks.

    Thanks for the posting and the hosting Danuta and Danusha.

  5. Amazing stuff. It truly boggles the mind what is acceptable relative to Poles and Poland.

  6. this has a more current picture of the gentleman in question:


  7. Hello C with a Cause, I think Giles Coren did apologise, a little grudgingly perhaps. I think he said that he wished he hadn't said it. But the fact that out it came does show that iceberg once again - and makes me wonder what lies beneath.

    Of course, Dr.Goska's "Bieganski" does expose a lot of it in all its horror.

  8. The article in question is still available in Google's cache :

  9. Here's a cut and paste of the text. The photo is of a concentration camp gate with the words Arbeit Macht Frei

    Poland - These evil people march 4 million Jews to death camps God forgive them

    These evil people invented the Ghetto then marched 4 million Jews to death camps, God forgive them for I never will. The low life bastards are feigning concern over bloody animals as they take €11 billion out of the EU each year. Jo Stalin was the only man who knew how to treat the Poles.

    View of the kitchen barracks, the electrified fence, and the gate at the main camp of Auschwitz (Auschwitz I). In the foreground is the sign "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work makes one free).

    A top court in Poland said Tuesday that the ritual slaughter of animals by religious groups, including Jews and Muslims, violates the country's constitution and animal protection laws.

    The ruling puts it in conflict with European Union rules that allow the practice on the grounds of religious freedom.

    In a victory for animal rights activists, the Constitutional Tribunal said regulations allowing for animals to have their throats cut and then bleed to death without previously being stunned are against Polish law. It also said that in issuing regulations that allow for such practices, the agriculture minister exceeded his powers and violated the constitution.

    The ruling sets the stage for more discussion when an EU law goes into effect Jan. 1 allowing the practice and setting common standards among members. It gives animal rights supporters fuel for debate next year on whether Poland must comply with EU laws and to what extent.

    Poland introduced its regulations in 2004, when it joined the EU, intending to bring the national laws closer to those of the bloc.

    The Agriculture Ministry has provided licenses to 17 slaughterhouses to carry out the ritual. Poland has small Muslim and Jewish minorities and also exports meat from ritual slaughter...

  10. These evil people march 4 million Jews to death camps-

    Has has forgotten! They ALSO dressed up as Germans and put up a sign in German (Arbeit macht frei) in order to frame the whole German nation who was totally uninvolved in what was going on. These EVIL polaks! :-D


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