Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss Holocaust Survivor: Questionable Taste or Celebration of Life?

Questionable taste or celebration of life? I say, Party on, and God Bless These Women! 
Was the recent "Miss Holocaust Survivor" pageant in questionable taste, or was it a celebration of life? 

Me? I like the idea. I like the idea of thumbing one's nose in the face of horror. You may feel differently. If so, please feel free to comment, below. 

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USA Today

HAIFA, Israel (AP) — Grinning and waving, 14 women who survived the horrors of WWII paraded Thursday in an unusual pageant, vying for the honor of being crowned Israel's first "Miss Holocaust Survivor."
Billed by organizers as a celebration of life, the event also stirred controversy. In a country where millions have been touched by the Holocaust, many argued that judging aging women who had suffered so much on physical appearance was inappropriate, and even offensive.
"It sounds totally macabre to me," said Colette Avital, chairwoman of Israel's leading Holocaust survivors' umbrella group. "I am in favor of enriching lives, but a one-time pageant masquerading (survivors) with beautiful clothes is not what is going to make their lives more meaningful."

full article here.


  1. Well, the whole idea does seem a little macabre, but why take things so seriously all the time. The participants weren't forced to participate, they had fun, they felt good about themselves. I can't see how it hurt anyone. Hitler failed. These people survived and they are able to smile and have fun. Why not?

  2. While on the subject of the Holocaust, there are many misconceptions about it. To read about some of them, and the correct understanding of the issues involved, please click on my name in this specific posting.

  3. This is harmless,but I really dont know how to feel about that, its kind of....hmmm,I really dont know. According to a book called "The 7th Million" by Tony Seeger (I think) Isreal has some more dark secrets about the holocaust like f.e Holocaust-themed pornography (right after the Holocaust had happened, normally it involved sexy blond female SS-guards raping ....Jewish men.If You dont believe me just google) or the fact that most survivors were ostracized in horrible ways.


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