Friday, March 9, 2012

Ethnicity, Ideology, Academic Hiring, and Bieganski

Sometimes blog readers respond to blog posts like "A Bohunk in the Ivory Tower" and "The Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization, and Vision" to say, "I'm shocked, shocked, to read your post implying that academic employers consider ethnicity and ideology in their hiring decisions! How dare you allege such a thing! Everyone knows that the Ivory Tower is interested only in objective truth, not ideology, interested only in merit, not ethnicity!"

These posts reveal a profound lack of awareness in those who post them. They also reveal a failure in Polonian leadership, organization, and vision. Where there is failure, there is opportunity to correct it. Suggestions can be found in the blog post entitled "There's Hope: What You Can Do about the Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization, and Vision."

Until we start strategizing about and having an impact on academic hiring, academic funding, and academic syllabi, we have not yet begun the serious work of addressing the Bieganski the Brute stereotype.

I just came across a bracingly blunt and utterly unvarnished video clip of Dr. Thomas Sowell, a scholar with whom every serious Polonian will be familiar, a scholar quoted in "Bieganski." In this brief and pointed video clip, Dr. Sowell speaks with unparalleled frankness and courage about ethnicity, ideology, and academic hiring. You can view the video clip here.

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  1. Of course academics say that their hiring decisions are objective, just as the liberal media insists that its reporting and content are objective.

    Yeah, right.


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