Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bieganski Lives. In New Jersey. With Toxic Fumes.


The above joke map of New Jersey identifies one portion of north-eastern New Jersey as the abode of "Russians, Polacks, and Toxic Fumes."
The joke map targets other ethnic groups as well, including, significantly, Jews and African Americans. Slurs associated with Jews and African Americans are not used, however; there are no "Kikes" nor "Niggers" on this joke map.
It is okay, though, to insult Polish-Americans and poor whites with slurs. Thus, the map features "Polacks" and "Rednecks."
Do something about your status as a joke in America, Polonia. Start here


  1. Ah, this is too much.

    I know these toxic fumes. When I was a kid, the neighborhood (it was a Slav neighborhood, and while it was not perfect, I loved it, always.... there were not the pretensions, nor the degeneracies, of other neighborhoods I saw).

    There were many meetings, unsophisticated people stroking and gesticulating to each other about how bad it was. Nothing ever happened. They had no clue. And the people who would have had the clue never came there. Thank you University shits. Liberal university shits. Sensitive University shits. Nothing happened. Breathe it Polaks. Die Young too. Seminoma, sterility. Lymphoma. WNL in medicine, is usually used to mean "within normal limits". and sometimes, often? too often? it means "we never looked". thank you University shits. Sensitive university shits.

    and nothing happened. I remember, as a kid, breathing needles at night, as the shits released all the toxos down the hill, 200 yards away. It smelled like fish. Yes, fish, what is that, quaternary and tertiary amines (the Polak who sat beside the door.) And the smell -- dead fish. amines, quaternary amines, tertiary amines, corrosive. up your nose. I have you up my nose, as they say. bad shit, as they say. I knew the words after I got Education. But the experience. I knew that as a kid.

    come to think of it, I did that on a job too. re-roofing on top of a chemical plant. guys are said to have fallen through the roof, as the corrosives ate away the deck and the owners declined (cash flow analysis I guess) to replace it before it was ready to fall apart under you. (business shits this time, but same difference.)


  2. again, Jesus I realize that just now, again breathing needles. they told us it was chlorine as I recall, I think the germans used that on Uncle Stashu and Joe in WWI. dang. and it was all clouds. You couldn't see 3 feet in front of you unless the wind blew it away. Dad gave me his respirator. rails all along the roof. working under operating machinery. Pitch, they used to throw that on the Moslems, and vice versa. the whole place was this inferno of smoke and needles and sulfur. Inferno. Primo Levi in survival in auschwitz described a similar scenario. Now he probably didn't have more or less to eat than dad in WW2 pow camp, and I had a sandwich and twinkies that mom packed. but the work place was the same. I think that some of what primo thought was his oppression because he was a jew was just his first introduction to a life that other people lived all the time, and were supposed to call normal. good to parse that reader.

    These things are bad shit. corrosive. Like all their other shit. Even the amines, like other corrosives, ultimately came from the university. Unversity shit. No wonder people in the neighborhood complained about etched windshields. No shits from the universities came to help us. University shits. Breathing needles. The University shits were always elsewhere, always elsewhere. Dzienkuja University shits. These are confirmed superfund sites. Multiple Superfund sites at 200 yards. I have you up my nose. I think maybe the guys in Summer Crossing had it right. Or was it the guys at Bhopal who actually had it right? They do it every day, and then they get away. Remember the Polak who died in Illinois, I think it was Chicago, 1970s. I think Stefan was his first name. Maybe you can look it up, and ten again, maybe you can't. The internet may be Orwell's incarnation of the present always replacing the past. I think it's called revisionism, or more popularly, deconstruction, or, well, bullshit. Toxic waste site cyanide poisoning. Illinois tried to extradite a guy from Utah for trial for murder, as I recall. Is that right? Is that for real? check it out people, maybe I remember it wrong. As I recall, Utah refused the extradition. That was that. Eichmann would be envious. Such a deal.


  3. If you ever got to --- OKAY folks, here it is. If you ever got to. Well, try it sometime. It's not for you to use. It's there to say we did something. A logical approach to toxic waste sites (there are loads more toxic events than you realize). A logical appoach. Would be to say, where do I live? Then the government website would list all the toxic releases in your area, first according to agent (because that would link first to the cancer you developed), and then maybe the year, and then maybe the releasing party, and then the details on amount. Etc. It doesn't work that way. The way it's done makes it hard for you to be that logical about it. Why would we do that. Thank you again, all you folks with university degrees, getting paid well to do it wrong.

    You know all these Wall Street MFs. They don't pay em that much 'cause they're smart. If they were smart, the jobs'd still be here. If they were smart, they could compete with the rest of the planet. If they were smart, they wouldn't be in court that much, because they made off, made off, with all the pension funds. And if they were just decent people, they wouldn't get paid that much, because what they pay 'em that much for is their ethical lapses. again, and again. the old neighborhood wasn't like that. Thank god I had an old Slavic neighborhood to grow up in. No more though. those have been ethnically cleansed.

    But back to toxics. Don't take my word for it people. Just for fun, try:
    try our new ToxTown

    before you start the above, get a fifth of crown royal, not nearly as bad as all that other toxic shit, taken in moderation of course., the former, I mean, the latter you have no choice.

    but, after all that, I think you will find you will be on the eternal silicon treadmill, designed by, paid for (by you), for the benefit of not you.

    If it was for you, there would be a map, which showed locales. (like did I really live in the middle of all this shit?)...
    then there would be a listing of the bad shit and dates released there.
    the list of bad shit would be then linked to the disease, like various cancers, that you later got.
    the dates, listed next to the bad shit released, would tell you if you were in the area to have the opportunity to be exposed to the bad shit.
    Now that would be rational.
    See if you can find it.

    love, Nemo

  4. and the pension fund. Hey, it was just sitting there.


  5. ...that area of NJ is where my SO's dad is from.


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