Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wroclaw Soccer (Football) Fans Raise an Anti-Muslim Migrant Banner; It's a Bad Sign

Source: Pawel Kot Photography 

Source: Pawel Kot Photography 

On Sunday, November 1, 2015, in Wroclaw, Poland, Polish soccer fans displayed a fifty-foot by 75-foot banner opposing mass, unvetted Muslim migration to Europe.

The banner depicted a crusader knight with sword and shield defending Europe from invading Muslims, many of whom made a one-fingered ISIS gesture.

Another banner read, "Let us stand in defense of Christianity."

This is a bad sign.

My thoughts on the current migration can be found in my FrontPage magazine article "Western European vs. Eastern European Responses to Mass, Unvetted, Muslim Immigration Compassion vs. Intolerance? Don't Believe the Propaganda" here.

In short, I think this migration is a very bad idea. I think it is a huge provocation and I think it will inevitably lead to violent confrontation. I think those selling Europe's embrace of the migrants as compassionate are liars, and/or incredibly stupid. They are certainly destructive, irresponsible, and inhumane. There is nothing compassionate about luring desperate people to pay human traffickers to risk their lives to travel to very alien lands in hopes of welfare, only to be used as cheap labor to prop up Europe's failing socialist programs. This migration will cause great rage, frustration and disappointment on all sides. The desperate people should be helped to remake their own societies.

Why, then, is the Wroclaw soccer banner a bad sign?

This migration should be handled by responsible adults in an adult way. Raising banners that invoke the Crusades is itself provocative and a sign that leaders are not listening to the people and are steering Europe horribly off course. When soccer fans have to take on the job of correcting a world leader like Angela Merkel, we have entered a frightening time.

BTW, I have seen this story covered only in Breitbart here. I sought, but did not find, coverage in other media. I thank Virginia Ross for alerting me to this story.

Photos are from Pawel Kot, photographer's Facebook page, here.

The comments below the article are friendly to Poles and Poland and reject the Bieganski stereotype. Here is one such comment "And everyone makes jokes about "Polacks"? Only folk that see what is really going on and doing something about it. Go Poland!"
 A few commenters invoke Bieganski stereotypes and even tell a few distasteful Polish jokes but are confronted by other commenters. 

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  1. The EU should allow these refugees come when Muslim countries allow people to leave Islam, allow other religions to proselytize, and allow other religions to build places of worship that are conspicuous.

    Chris Helinsky


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