Thursday, November 15, 2018

American Liberals March for Anti-Semitism, Murder, Torture, and Jihad!!!


Think you'll see that headline any time soon in the New York Times, the Guardian, or on Fox News? 

Yeah, me neither. 

But -- the headline is true -- if we apply to Americans the same "logic" of those bashing decent Poles for celebrating, in their Independence Day March, their surviving over one hundred years of genocidal pressures.

American liberals marched in The Women's March, called the largest international protest ever, an historic march organized by Linda Sarsour, an anti-semite and  self-identified jihadi, whose mentor Siraj Wahhaj was an unindicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing, and featuring Donna Hylton, an ex-con who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Thomas Vigliarolo. 

"Wait, wait, wait!" American liberals will insist. "It's more complicated than that!"

Yes. Yes, the Women's March is more complicated than its association with jihadis and torturers. 

So is Poland's Independence Day March. 

The mainstream media *does* tell you the full story about the Women's March. It *doesn't* tell you the full story of the Polish Independence Day March. 

And therein lies the  Bieganski, Brute Polak Stereotype

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Poland's Independence Day March. The Full Story ... Is Not Told Here. It Can't Be.

A couple of Polish men, living in Poland, posted on my Facebook page about the Independence Day March. One of them shared the previously linked article critical of the march. 

These Polish men emphasized that there are unsavory elements in the march. 

Me? I don't know the full story of the march. As I did last year, I post a variety of viewpoints. I caution against using the march to advance the Bieganski stereotype. I acknowledge that there are unsavory elements in Poland, that is, anti-Semites, and other thugs. You can see my posts on this topic from last year here

What is the full story of the march? I don't know. I can't know. I'm not in Poland, and I am cautious of media reports on all sides, as is necessary when it comes to controversial stories that powerful individuals and entities use to advance their own agenda. 

I invited these two Polish men to write their own accounts of the march, and submit them to me for publication here. If they comply, I will post their accounts. If they don't comply, we lose the chance to hear their point of view. 

Below please find two photos from New York Times coverage. 

One shows nationalist extremists. The other shows gay rights activists. The NYT said that this counter demo was much smaller. 

In these two images, the NYT creates an image of Poland as a land overrun with fascists, where a handful of gay rights activists bravely struggle for existence. 

We don't see, in this coverage, the hundreds of average, everyday people visible in the previously posted eleven-minute video. 

That's why I say that those of us who are not in Poland, and who rely on mainstream media, or even YouTube videos for our accounts, can't know the full story of the march. 

So. If you are in Poland, and you think we need to hear a more negative account of the march, please do send it to me. Thanks in advance. 

Adam Stepien source: NYT

Marcin Obara source: NYT


My book, Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype is a scholarly book. This blog is usually pretty dry. My goal is to demonstrate that Poles and other Eastern European, Christian, peasant-descent persons are stereotyped. Getting emotional does not help in that work. Facts may help. 

This morning I checked into Facebook, discovered a series of abusive posts from a stranger, and tried to ignore them. I was cleaning house, and I had to handle many items I inherited from my brother Joe, who died recently. 

And I began to cry. 

I posted the following on Facebook. I am sharing it here, unedited. 

Whiny post.

And what I want to whine about is so obscure, maybe no one reading this will have any idea of what I am trying to say.

Two things happened this morning.

I am cleaning house. I checked into Facebook.

Some troll I have never heard of, not my Facebook friend but Facebook friend of a Facebook friend, WASP first and last name, commented on one of my posts.

Gist of his post: You Polax are the scum of the earth.

Look -- is your identity something people can use to hurt you?

Is the very name of your identity something people can use to hurt you?

"Polak" is the Polish word for "Polish man."

How do you know if your house has been robbed by a Polak? The garbage can is empty and the dog is pregnant.

How do you tell a bride at a Polish wedding?

The one with the braided armpits.

How do you know if a Polak has her period?

She's wearing only one sock.

These jokes are not as popular as they once were, but they were at their height of popularity when I was in high school. A vulnerable age.

The Brute Polak stereotype is the rich, white liberal version of the Polak joke.

"You Polaks are the world's worst haters. You just marched for your Independence Day? It was a hate march. I know because I am a rich, white liberal, and a WASP, and I am better than you. Why? Because my people rule the world and you are a *POLAK*. So just shut the fuck up and let my superior, rich, white liberal ooze suffocate you."

So. First thing this morning, I take a break from cleaning house, and this is what I confront.

Scroll past. Scroll past.

I saw a post from Teri, one of my favorite Facebook friends. She saw the photo I posted of my dad in his uniform. He joined the service when he was underage.

Of my dad, Teri wrote, "So handsome. He has happy eyes."

I just wanted to burst into tears .

Because the story of my Polish immigrant-family dad joining the service when he was underage is not a happy story.

It's a freaking nightmare of a story.

And I can't tell it to you. It's *his* story.

Let's just say that when I tell this story to close friends, their jaws drop and they say, "Oh my God."

The pain. The horror. what happened to him. And then hunger and frustration and being persecuted by the Feds, hitting the rails, trying to support his family during the Depression, not speaking English well, not having so much as a grade school diploma, and finally joining the service when he was just a child ... so he and his family could eat.

I choked back tears after I read Teri's comment.

and I resumed cleaning house.

And I came across stuff I salvaged from among Joe's things.

Joe was a genius. That's not a compliment, it's an actual fact. Genius IQ. Antoinette had a genius IQ as well.

I watched them all die, and ... they had so much sorrow in their lives, and so much frustration, and they never achieved or enjoyed what they would have achieved or enjoyed if they had been born to WASP families who didn't have that burden of immigration history and wrong ethnicity.

Right now I'm wondering if anyone will understand this post. What it means to be poor, and white, and of immigrant, Bohunk stock in America.

My mother was the *best* natural writer I have ever known. As a teacher and writer I have read hundreds of people's writing. My mother was in another dimension from most people.

Her English, her second language of several, was pristine. Her vocabulary, her phrasing, her command. She could recite poetry from memory.

And she spent her life working in factories and cleaning houses, often in the same day.

And then maybe you take a shower and you go to college ... and your betters hear your name and put you in your place with a well-timed Polak joke.

And then rich, white liberals decide that you, Polak that you are, are the world's worst hater. And when you march to celebrate surviving over a hundred years of genocidal pressures, you, Polak you, must be publicly shamed. And shaming you is a righteous, holy thing to do.

I'm going to go cry now.

While I continue cleaning house.

My dad and my brother Joe. 

Independence Day March. A Critical View

A Facebook friend living in Poland recommended this article, offering a critical view of the Independence Day March. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Polish Independence Day March on Youtube

I'm not endorsing any of these videos. I came across them after doing a search of Poland march videos. 

Warsaw Independence Day March and the Bieganski, Brute Polak Stereotype

Yesterday, November 11, 2018, I posted about a Catholic author on Facebook who shared a Marxist article that alleged that Poles are a bunch of scary fascists, Nazis, and white supremacists. 

This Catholic author quoted a Marxist article about Poland's November 11, 2018, Independence Day March. 

Here is the truth of this maligned march: Poland was colonized by Russia, Prussia, and Austria for over one hundred years. During this colonization, at various times, Poles were forbidden to speak their own language, they were forbidden from building a permanent dwelling, they were marched to Siberia, they were plied with alcohol, and they were lynched by their colonizers. Germans and Russians announced as their goal a genocide of Poles. Germans' genocidal attitudes were a minor form of Nazism before Nazism. 

In 1918, Poland regained independence. Then, in 1939, Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, and Poland was crucified. 

And yet Poland is still here. 

Thus Poles march. We are still alive, in spite of genocidal pressures. 

The Catholic author on Facebook is not alone. I just did a Google search to find images of the march to share here. The words that Google suggested as associated with a search of Poland's Independence Day March were "white," "far right," "anti," "nationalist" and "right wing." 

The New York Times implied that the march was about the "far right." 

The BBC also alleged the march was "far right." 

The Guardian headline associated the march with the "far right." 

Fox News used "far right" first thing in its headline. 

The Independent said that "fascists" marched. 

The Wall Street Journal opened with the words "far right." 

The Times of Israel also used "far right." posted video, linked below, of the march in question. In this eleven-minute long video, which I have watched more than once, the viewer sees hundreds of Poles marching in front of the camera. 

The viewer notices several things. First, none of these Polish marchers are grotesquely overweight. Forgive me but I can't help but notice, in any US crowd scene, how overweight we have become as a nation. 

None of the marchers is dressed shabbily. Again, I can't help but notice sagged pants, sloppy clothes, and other aspects of current American attire. 

No one is shouting or pushing or giving anyone else a hard time. Poles are quiet and courteous. 

Women friends walk arm in arm. Mothers push strollers. Families walk together, fathers, mothers, and children. There are young people who are proud to be in public with their parents. 

How often do we see this in America any more? 

Most of the marchers are carrying Polish flags. When is the last time you saw Americans so eager to carry their own flag? 

Admittedly, this footage was chosen by TVP. I don't know if they edited out any scary  fascists who were present, and we know such people exist, and we know the scary fascists use Independence Day to push their agenda. 

The scary fascists in question are the Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny. You can read more about this group here

Me? If I were lucky enough to be in Poland on the hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining her independence, after being colonized for over a hundred years by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, after surviving the crucifixion of the Nazi and Soviet invasions and occupations, wild horses could not prevent me from participating in the Independence Day March. I'd probably be crying every step of the way. 

And I would not march alongside the small group of ONR marchers. 

Why is that so hard to understand? That we can love Poland not be "far right," "fascist," "white supremacist," etc? 

The answer is in my book, "Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype." Read it and you will understand why even nominal Catholics become fellow travelers with Marxists when they talk about Poles and Poland. 

There are scary fascists in the US as well. It was in the US, after all, that eleven innocent Jews at prayer were recently murdered by an evil monster invested in a conspiracy theory about immigration, a conspiracy theory disseminated by the team associated with the most powerful man in the world. Donald Trump himself has disseminated this anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about immigrants and immigration, namely, that George Soros is paying immigrants to enter the US. 

Before Americans point the finger at Poles, Americans should look at their own house. 

And watch this eleven minute video of marching Poles. Patriotic, proud, decent, Poles. Be inspired. 

You can view's video here

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Poland and Israel Issue Joint Stamp to Celebrate Anniversaries

"The Polish and Israeli post offices have released a stamp marking the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence and the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel.

The stamp went into circulation in both countries on November 5, and were created, Poczta Polska says, to celebrate both the anniversaries and a long shared history.

In a press release Poczta Polska said the series, entitled ‘Poland-Israel. Independence. Memory. Heritage,’ is “to commemorate both anniversaries this year as well as the centuries-old common history the two nations share.”

Bearing a price, in Poland, of PLN 2.60 the stamp shows both the Israeli and Polish flags with the mottos ‘Israel - 70 Years of Independence’ and ‘Poland – 100 Years of Independence’ in Polish, English and Hebrew...

This is the third time the two post offices have launched a joint issue of stamps. Back in 1993 they issued a stamp to mark the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and in 2009 a stamp was produced to celebrate the life of Berek Joselewicz, a Jewish-Polish merchant who fought in the Kościuszko Uprising as colonel in the Polish army."

Source of above text and photo

Thank you Gene for informing us of this story.