Thursday, August 12, 2021

Two American Guys React to Marcin Wrona's "Demon" 2016

 Please see previous post for background on "Demon" and its significance to Polish-Jewish relations. And please watch these two American guys react to the movie after watching it. 


  1. I watched the clip. The discussion features unnecessary use of profanity (in Polish and English), and its content has almost no relevance to Polish-Jewish relations.

  2. Stopantisemitism (USA) writes "Every 9 out of 10 Polish Jews were gassed, starved and killed in Poland during the Holocaust.
    Now they’re refusing to give back Jewish property they stole while massacring us."
    The text ignores German Nazi responsibility for the killings and plundering. The text does not inform, that US Jewish organisations would not obtain 'back', because their connection to pre-war Polish Jews is small and their help was minimal.

  3. I am unable to find any information about - no names, no organisations. Bad Poland (from JPost)

  4. Israeli politician Yair Lapid falsely accused Poland. It seems he gots only little support. He probably looses not because he is a liar, but because of Kabul tragedy. If he repeats his accusations, he may be supported by liberal and Jewish media, who misuse the Holocaust for power.

  5. Government of Poland crticizes Israeli youth trips to Poland. The young perople misbehave, are isolated by their Israeli bodyguards, not allowed to contact young Poles. Some people suggest that the Israelis shouls visit Berlin, where the Holocaust was invented, and only later come to Poland. Now they are indoctrinated that Poland is a Jewish cemetery.

  6. Polish-Jewish journalist Pawel Jedrzejewski describes US support for Lapid as "US arrogance and Israeli hysteria". Jewish activist Professor Spiewak rejects accusations. His son, a city activist, prizes the government of Poland.

  7. After years of 'academic' studies Jew with a coin figurines and pictures are unallowed in Cracow Cloth Hall. Some Jews find the local politics officous, they do not find the figurines antisemitic.

  8. A Jewish activist from Canada, 7000 followers: "Poles sent millions Jews to their death. Poland played a huge role in the Holocaust. No matter how much Holocaust denial comes from Poland the facts remain the same."

    1. The revisionism continues. I am waiting for Germany to turn up on the Allied Side in the next version of WW2. Maybe it will spend an interim period in the Neutral camp?

      Is there anything the world tells us that we can safely believe?

    2. Merkel called D-Day a "unique, unprecedented military operation that eventually brought us in Germany the liberation from National Socialism".

    3. Ack. Thanks for sharing that, Lukasz.

  9. What is your opinion about such name 'Poland Never Again Tour'? My English is too bad to evaluate it.

  10. But it has probably already happened. Germany was more important than Poland during D-Day anniversary. See 'Normand format'.

  11. Normandy Format - The group was created on June 6, 2014, when leaders from France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine met on the margins of the 70th anniversary of the D-Day (Wikipedia)

  12. To be exact, Ukraine is not a partner here.


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