Monday, August 23, 2021

Krakow Bans Offensive and Idiotic "Jew with a Coin" Figurines



Krakow says it has banned sale of the idiotic and offensive "Jew with a coin" figurines sold in tourist shops there. Good! I hope this ban is successful. Wikipedia offers a good summary of the "Jew with a coin" phenom here


  1. Pawel Jedrzejewski, a Polish-US-Jewish journalist, criticizes tthe decision. He summarizes anti-Semitic murders in USA. Kulturowy fenomen. Postać brodatego, ubranego w tradycyjny strój, najczęściej starszego, poważnego Żyda, bez cech karykaturalnych, wzbudzającego szacunek - pochylonego nad monetami lub trzymającego w dłoni pieniądz - funkcjonuje jako talizman gwarantujący finansowy sukces. (...) W efekcie tego szaleństwa następuje porażająca dewaluacja i trywializacja pojęcia antysemityzmu, bo gdy oskarżenia o antysemityzmem są aż tak BZDURNE, to antysemityzm zaczyna być uważany za BZDURĘ.

  2. Wikipedia is dominated by Western (NYT type) opinions. Poland is described as what you oppose generally - a place of the Holocaust, an antisemitic nation. An aggresive editor Icewhiz has been banned after several issues. He created and extensively edited the text about the Jew with a coin, one may verify if his anti-Polish prejudices are still present there.

  3. Jerzy Pankiewicz whenever you don't like something I post you respond by saying something ugly about the US. I find that approach intellectually, logically, and socially unworthy and unattractive.

    1. The article by Pawel Jedrzejewski compares the alleged problem of Jewish figurines and real antisemitism in the USA and Western Europe. Murdered and beaten Jews, armed soldiers and policemen defending Jewish kindergardens. But Western press is worried about Poland.

  4. Wikipedia is edited by anyone who wants to edit Wikipedia. If Polish people don't like what Wikipedia says, they can change it.

    1. I have edited several versions of Wikipedia and I have been attacked and opressed many times.The English Wikipedia has a system of 'enforcement', terrible for people who refuse to participate in continuous delivering and persecuting editors. I have observed mental problems of an oppressed editor, kind of addiction and weaning. Polish people from Poland are generally unable to edit the English Wikipedia, because their English is not good enough and they do not know English language sources, many of them behind a paywall. Recently more and more academic (paywall) sources are used. There are only several active Polish editors. There was a user Poeticband. He was banned for 6 months, so he protested and left. The formerly mentioned Icewhiz attacked Poeticband in an Israeli newspaper and published his real name. Icewhiz remains anonymous. If you are interested I may find links to texts.

  5. I do not have acces to the academic text, but media summary describes Poland as a land of collaborators. The majority of Jewish victims were isolated from ethnic Poles inside ghettos. I do not whitewash Polish criminals, but the Holocaust was German and Austria, not Polish.

  6. Hello,

    It's just bunch of leftists who are currently in power in Kraków that has banned those figurines. Average Poles like those Jews.

    Those figurines are not antisemitic. There cannot be antisemitism without antisemitic intentions.
    People who made them had nothing antisemitic in mind.
    People who sold them had had nothing antisemitic in mind.
    People who bought them had nothing antisemitic in mind.

    Here are the links to articles by Paweł Jędrzejewski. They are in Polish only. I suggest to use Google translator.

    BTW, was there something wrong with my previous post?

    1. what previous post? I don't remember deleting any posts by you. Feel free to try to post it again.

    2. I made a post under "Poland Never Again Tour".


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