Monday, August 23, 2021

"Poland Never Again Tour" by Christians United for Israel. Poland = the Holocaust

 In my book, Bieganski, the Brute Polak Stereotype, I argue that Poland has become a metonym for the Holocaust. A metonym is a word that has become so related to another concept in the popular mind that it stands in for that concept in speech. For example, "Capitol hill" is a metonym for the US Congress. Another metonym would be "suits" for company executives, as in "We have to see what the suits think." This is because businessmen wear suits. 

Christians United for Israel is hosting a "Poland Never Again Tour" Yes that really is the name of the tour. Christians United for Israel thus grotesquely distorts history and gratuitously insults all Poles. Christians United for Israel utterly conflates Poland and the Holocaust. The Holocaust must never happen again, and Poland must be erased. Please contact this organization and request that they change the name of their tour. Thanks to Jerzy for sending this in. 

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  1. Hello,

    On June 24th 2021 U.S. Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken visited Berlin (Germany). Mr Blinken gave a speech in which he said:
    "Eighty years ago this week, Nazi forces invaded the Soviet-occupied city of Bialystok, Poland. They pulled Jews from their homes, beat them, executed many on the spot. Some forced older Jewish men to dance, and if they didn’t like the performance, set their beards on fire. Then the Nazis herded more than 700 Jews into Bialystok’s synagogue and set it ablaze."

    American journalist from Los Angeles Times wrote in her article:
    "He (Blinken) spoke of the plight of Jews in Bialystok, Poland, where bigoted residents burned the beards of rabbis and torched synagogues long before World War II and the Holocaust."
    Link below.

    That journalist knew what Blinked said. She also could do some fact checking. She chose to blame Poles for German crime.
    And yet, it's the Poles who are accused of rewriting the history.


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