Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Politically Correct Prejudice Against Ukrainians

This article appeared in 2012. I forget if I blogged about it then. 

Brendan O'Neill basically recapitulates many of the main points of Bieganski, the Brute Polak Stereotype

Slavs are low class whites, and it is okay for anyone, right or left, to mock Slavs and other EE, like Lithuanians and Hungarians. 

"Are Ukrainians Still Untermenschen?" by Brendan O'Neill, Spiked. 

Excerpt below. Full text at the link above. 

Once, it was the ideology of racism that depicted the Slavs as an inferior people. Now the ideology of ‘anti-racism’ does the same thing.

In the run-up to the Euro 2012 football championships, which are taking place in Ukraine and Poland this month, we Western Europeans have been bombarded with media stories about how uncultured and uncouth Ukrainians in particular are. In that strange Eastern land, ‘notorious for its extremist yobs’, stupid racial thinking is ‘socially endemic’, we are told, which isn’t surprising considering that, in the words of one British academic, Ukraine lacks the ‘cosmopolitan atmospheres’ of Western Europe. Something fantastically ironic is taking place here: under the banner of ‘anti-racism’, the presumed cultural superiority of Western Europe over backward, brutal Slavs is being loudly asserted, just as the racial superiority of Western Europe was asserted over the Slavs in the past.

For the past two weeks, you couldn’t open a British newspaper or switch on the radio without reading/hearing titillating tales about what a peculiar and prejudiced people the Ukrainians are. Virtually every tabloid has sent a reporter to that wild Eastern land, where they have encountered weird men in forests being ‘drilled in unarmed combat, knife-fighting and use of rifles and pistols’ so that they can ‘wreak havoc’ during Euro 2012. Under the headline ‘Anarchy in the Ukraine’, the Sun, putting on its best Victorian colonialist voice, told us it had found numerous ‘thugs’ amid the ‘ruined buildings and weed-covered parade grounds’ of Ukraine, who are putting the finishing touches to their plans to ‘fight our fans’.


  1. Hello Dr Goska,

    I've posted this link in my other comment some time ago. But I would like to share it once again.


    In my previous comment there was also a link to a video on YouTube on that subject. Unfortunately that video was removed, soon after it appeared.
    Strange. Very strange.

  2. Poles are certainly Untermenschen in UK academic world. University of London 'informs' about 'Polish death squads'. An Oxford journal misinformed about the Polish IPN law in 2019. 'Human Remainas and Violece' compares Poles and Hutu, Jewish gold and Tutsi cows. (the author works in Paris and has no idea about Poland).


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