Saturday, June 6, 2020

Poles Kneel for George Floyd; Kosciuszko Monument in Warsaw Defaced -- Report

Source: Dawid Stys 
Poles kneel and lie down in memory of George Floyd. 

The Kosciuszko Monument in Warsaw has been defaced in memory of George Floyd.

About kneeling. A self-identified troll walked up to white women in America and asked them to kneel in memory of "George Foreman." And they did. He posted the video on YouTube. 

And a black man insisted that all this kneeling is disgusting.


  1. All this is such a crock.

    No one demonstrates or kneels for murdered Poles, or for murdered white people.

  2., not Poles. Some leftist, virtue signalling bobos. Don't worry. Also, in Cracow there was virtually nothing. This is Warsaw, also a leftist swap (still way better than the US, sorry, no gloating).

  3. Hello,

    This is ridiculous. Those Poles are what I call lemmings. They want to be part of of the West so badly. Soon they will be lying down and begging for forgiveness from Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians. Stupid lemmings.
    "Black lives matter"? It should read: "blacks live elsewhere".

    1. Yeah, you are right. These people even apologize for colonialism because if Poland could have done this, it would have. In the same spirit, they should 1. have themselve sterilized (because evil should not procreate) and 2. have themselves castrated. Because, as we all know, men, all men, are potential rapist. The only reason a man does not rape is, because the opportunity is lacking. Leftist worldview in a nutshell.


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