Friday, June 5, 2020

Gay Couple Distributes Free Rainbow Face Masks in Poland

An adorable story. A gay Polish couple distributes free rainbow face masks in Poland. We all need  an upbeat story these days, and these two have provided it. You can read about them here

You can watch here:


  1. Hi there, Danusha, they are not "adorable", but oikophobic haters.

    Lately, they have posted a text in which they said they are "ashamed of the Polish people" for:

    Clapping on an airplane after landing, for the drunkards next to the off-licence store, the keeping one's elbows outside the window while driving (annotation:I like to do that in the summer....), playing loud Dico Polo music in one's housing estate (annotation: the tried to make it on the Disco Polo scene but failed,for all the fights during retail promotional seasons (annotation: they should watch some videos on Black Friday in the comparison, whatsoever...), for the trash dumped in the woods (annonation: yeeaaaah, that does not exist in other countries, doesn't it?),for chewing gum thrown onto the pavement (annotation:also does not exist in other countries, apart from Singapure, of course, doesn't it?),all the wangling,theft,envy,hatred and homophobic. Also,they feel ashamed that President Duda's English is not perfect (o la la, the French president does not even speak it, when abroad. That is what translators are for. This is also typical of post-colonial inferiority complexes. Duda is here to be the President of the Republic of Poland, not an English teacher) and he can not rap (Annotation: Duda uploaded a TikTok video where he did a small rap segment. Why not? Still way better than their foray into Disco Polo lol)


    Why all this oikophobic outpour of hatred? Well, President Andrzej Duda has signed a Pro-Family declaration.

    This one here:

    It entails:
    the continuation of financial support programs that focus on children and the family as a whole

    Then: The defence of marriage as described in the Polish Constitution .Marriage as an institution between 1 man and 1 woman (annotation: In Germany it is called "Ehe für alle" (Marriage for all). For all, so why not allowing Muslim polygamy as well? Citation:
    No adoption rights for homosexual couples (annotation:"normal" couples will always be prioritized. Which will inavertably lead to:"We are being discriminated against! Let's sue the state". And don't even get me started on the judicial mess that can be surrogacy. I absolutely support co-parenting agreements).
    Working towards good living conditions for families.


  2. The third part entails: The right of parents to bring up their children how they see fit.
    Banning of "LGBT ideology". This has been a point of attack for his political enemies, as there "is no such thing as lgbt ideology". Weeelll, ok. If so, than why did the "Communal Carta of of Family rights" (find the Engish version here: evoke such strong opposition and, yes, diffamation (there are no such things as "lgbtq-free zones" and no one is told to leave said non-existing zones) and hatred (like some some Western European cities (obviously ruled by leftists) threatening to end their urban partnerships with Polish cities? One German guy, by the name of Beck, is even quoted saying they "need to take away the candy (=Polish politicians being invited for a visit. Personally, I think this is great: Thes Polish cities can now look for a real urban partnership, one, that respects us instead of seeing as a colony were they want to propagade their German weltanschauung).

    I think, that sexuality should be always taught with the idea, that the best place to practice it should be a steady, equal, loving partnership/marriage. This is what psychologies have found out, btw, its not even a religious thing. Same goes for homosexual people-find s.o for longer, not s.o else for every week of the year. About homo/transsexuality: It should be taught in school, but not in kindergarden. There is a right age for that, at least 12.

    But let's get back to the issue of the two loving birds above: I scolded them on their facebook page for their oikophobia. I also suggested, that they would be most welcome in Germany, especially in "culturally enriched" parts of German cities. This, of course, is just a joke. They will never ever leave, because they actually have a good life in Poland (apart from not being able to marry and to adopt). In Germany, they would be nobodies. Instead of spitting on their own nation, they could, I dont know, man up and start campaigning for civil partnership. But that will not work if they defame the very people they should be trying to convince (the Polish nation).


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