Friday, December 20, 2019

DOJ Attorney v Auschwitz Museum. New York Post: Poland "Operated" Auschwitz, No Poles Imprisoned or Died There.

McKay Smith, a US DOJ attorney, is sending threats to the Auschwitz Museum. The  Museum was hit with false info on twitter and it blocked the  senders. Smith felt he would stand up for victimized Jews against bad, bad Poles. He was not aware that the specific blocked accounts were disseminating false info and that the bad, bad Poles are the curators of the Auschwitz legacy, a legacy that their nation shares. Auschwitz was first built and operated by the Nazis as a camp to imprison and kill Poles, and

In its coverage, the New York Post says that Poland "operated" Auschwitz and the Post refuses to mention the Poles who were imprisoned and died there. See here

This is Bieganski, the Brute Polak Stereotype writ large. 

"A US Department of Justice attorney got into a bizarre dispute with the Auschwitz Museum this week, going so far as to publicly and privately threaten them on Twitter.

DOJ attorney McKay Smith accused the museum of blocking accounts belonging to Jewish women and harassing several of his followers.

“@AuschwitzMuseum if you ever intimidate my followers via DM again, or you try to intimidate strong Jewish women who lost family members at Auschwitz, I will confront you. Personally. That’s a promise,” Smith said in a tweet Wednesday.

“Don’t ever test me again, @pawel_sawicki Ever again,” he added, tagging the museum’s press officer who runs the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum’s Twitter account. Smith also sent Sawicki a number of private messages where he additionally threatened to “come after” him.

“He deleted one of his tweets where he accused me of siding with Holocaust deniers,” Sawicki told The Post. “I have been working at the memorial for over 12 years and I think I was never disrespected with such a personal false accusation.”

The spat began after the museum moved to block the account of @WoMenFightAS, which posted a sarcastic tweet accusing the museum of being a front for Polish revisionism, which downplays the country’s role in operating the infamous death camp."

New York Post story here

NYP says "The overwhelming majority of victims were Jews." NYP chooses not to mention Polish victims. The New York Post staff are the Holocaust deniers. 

Thanks to Jerzy for sending  this in. 


  1. McKay Smith believes to fight hate. It is called "psychological projection".

  2. Do any of You happen to know Gilad Atzmon and his book: "The wandering who?"? It explains a lot about why many Jewish people (not all, of course, just those that unfortunately matter) behave as they do as well as the consequences arising from said behaviour (Atzmon is a Jew himself. But, what is more important: He is a great human being.) This is a truely "wonderful" christmas gift indeed.

    This here is truely a "gem":

    McKay Smith

    16 gru

    "I devote all my spare time to fighting hate. My day job has nothing to do with my extramural activities researching & advocating against anti-semitism. The conduct of the Auschwitz museum Twitter account has hurt family members of victims of Auschwitz. I will always defend them."

    He is yelling in pain as he strikes us, repeatedly. Do my (pathological) bidding, or I will commit character assasination against you, you "antisemite". You know, I have been thinking about Harry Potter lately. Arent words like "antisemite" "racist" "homophobe" "sexist" not akin to magical spells intended to terrorize, destroy and disarm the attacked person? What, if we could do the only right thing,namely, laught in the face of the horrible attacker? If we allow others to terrorize us by defaming us, what will this lead to, ultimately? It will only lead to deep resentment against certain group of people. And, some day, to horrific retaliatory violence against certain groups of people. We will all become victims.I have, for a very long time, been an ardent admirer of Jewish culture, of Israel and the likes. Right now, I just want to be left alone and totally have stopped caring about all things Jewish. I am also shocked by the amount of hubris some people display, one of the 7 deadly sins-the father of all sins, by the way. Hubris/Pride is also the first step towards one's own downfall.

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