Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bieganski, again, on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live on December 7 featured a sketch depicting the cool NATO countries, Canada, France, and the UK, and eventually Germany, dissing the uncool NATO countries, Romania and Latvia, both Eastern European, Bieganski countries. 

Romania, scram! Brexit out of here, dweeb! they say. 

I love your economies, Romania whimpers. 

Donald Trump approaches. The cool countries don't want to hang out with him. 

Why don't you sit over there, Donald, with Latvia? they say. 

Latvia is plainly uncool. Latvia is playing with a child's toy. 

Latvia introduces himself as "Egg." His real name is Egils, pronounced "Ailes" He's eating something disgusting, pickled squid. He tells a joke about feeding a bull schnapps. 

Oh my God I'm at the losers' table, Trump says 


  1. The propaganda is relentless - in many areas. And is it getting more and more blatant?

  2. Hello,

    In 2019 movie "Aladdin" thee is a character named Prince Anders. He's dressed in the style that seems to be a parody of szlachta attire.
    He is also a dufus.



    1. The name Anders is Scandinavian and parents of general Anders were Baltic-German.

    2. Hello Mr. Pankiewicz,

      Prince Anders has a kołpak on his head. He wears a deliura and a żupan. His outfit is decorated with ridiculous, oversized szkofia and zapona. Some kind of saber hangs from his belt.
      His entourage look like Muscovite boyars.
      Not very Scandinavian if You ask me.

      I can imagine that someone wanted a character with a Polish name, did some superficial search in history book and stumbled upon general Władysław Anders. First name was to difficult, but last name was not.

    3. Excellent observations. perhaps you would like to compose a guest blog post on this topic.

    4. Hello Dr Goska,

      When I went to see that movie in the cinema I was expecting Prince Achmed. Instead Prince Anders appeared. My thoughts were: "It's a desert country and he's wearing furs. Wait, what is he wearing...is he...is that...oh, my God!"
      It was totally unexpected. And not a pleasant surprise.

      Or maybe I'm oversensitive?
      But I just can't help thinking, that the next time szlachta outfit will appear in some other movie, people will think about that dolt Anders.

  3. Poland has an Arabian tradition, but the traveller was Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski, not Anders. http://mariuszstepnik.com/en/rzewuski-facsimile-manuscript/


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