Thursday, March 14, 2019

Jak Rozpoznac Zyda / How to Recognize a Jew: Polish Anti-Semites Strike Again

The print publication, available nationally, "Tylko Polska" ran the other day, the headline "How to Recognize a Jew." This is making news around the world. People are interpreting it to mean that Poles are all anti-Semites. That Poles are condemning this headline is getting lost. This is being widely covered. One can read more here.

From the above linked article:

After a moment of reflection, the director of the CIS, however, announced on Twitter that the Chancellery of the Sejm would apply to remove from the set of press provided by RUCH SA a periodical with anti-Semitic articles. "At the same time, a list of titles, which are made available by the colporteur in the Parliament, will be thoroughly verified," he added.


  1. The English-language version of this article says, "The anti-Semitic headline ran alongside the front page article complaining that speakers at last month’s Holocaust studies meeting in Paris had been attacking Poland. It was printed with a photo of Jan Gross, a Polish Jew who teaches at Princeton University."

    The Holocaust conference in Paris repeated the most disgusting lies about Poland. This provocation should be our focus, not the consequences of the provocation.

    1. Jan, thanks for translating and clarifying.

    2. For specific details on the falsehoods said about Poland at the recent Holocaust conference in Paris, see:

  2. This newspaper is published by Leszek Bubel, a real anti-Semite who has been publishing these kind of trash papers for decades. I remeber buying gaming press in my local "Ruch" kiosk 20 years ago and Bubel's badly printed magazines were there to buy as well. It was the "highest shelf" type of stuff, along with the hardcore porn magazines which Ruch also sold. Apparently both paper porn and Bubel's anti-Semitism still find some readers to this day.

    Of course, the fact that we Poles were hit hard in the media because of this incident is no surprise and a separate issue.

  3. Hello

    Yaakov Katz from Jerusalem Post made an interview with President of Poland. Link is below.

    And here is another article. I liked the part about "yarmulke test".

    1. Thank you, Lukasz, for posting these links.

      The extensive discussions under these articles are telling. Poles are punching back against the Jews quite nimbly and forcefully, and are getting better and better at it.

      Polska Sila! Polish Power!

  4. Punching Jews, as per Jan Peczkis' post, above, is not what people who have "Polish Power" do. Punching Jews is what anti-Semites -- including Nazis -- do.

    People who purvey negative stereotypes of Poles are not equivalent to Jews, as I have said numerous times on this blog and elsewhere.

    Not all Jews stereotype Poles. Not all those who stereotype Poles are Jewish. Jews have made significant contributions to upholding the truth about Poles and Poland.

    Jan Peczkis wrote "The Holocaust conference in Paris repeated the most disgusting lies about Poland. This provocation should be our focus, not the consequences of the provocation."

    No, Polish anti-Semitism is not the "consequence" of this or that negative comment about Poland. Nothing excuses anti-Semitism expressed by Poles or anyone else.


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