Monday, March 4, 2019

Belgian Carnival Features Anti-Semitic Float

See article here


  1. Remember how Belgian Europarliament leader Guy Verhofstadt slandered Polish patriotic marchers as neo-Nazis?

    Recall how western European leaders regularly make accusations of Polish anti-Semitism, and otherwise look down on Poles as beneath them.


    And now the Belgians have been hoisted on their own petard.

  2. Hello,

    There is a new German tv series called "8 Tage" (8 Days). Long story short, meteor is going to strike Germany, so Germans are doing "Drang nach Osten" to Russia. It so happens that they must travel trough Poland.

    Poles are shown as primitives and degenerates.
    They demand more money than agreed upon.
    They steal wedding rings.
    They utter profanities.
    They rape.
    And they try to kill those poor Germans.

    But don't worry. Poor Germans will defend themselves and kill the brute Pollacks. In self-defense of course. As always.

    1. LK can you write a guest blog post on this topic?

    2. Hello Dr Goska,

      This topic doesn't deserve a blog post in my opinion. Another tv series about poor Germans. Those people are such wanna-be-victims. First they made "Generation War" and now this.

      However, I am concerned that in the near future Germans will be fleeing to Poland. Running from the "religion of peace".

  3. "However, I am concerned that in the near future Germans will be fleeing to Poland. Running from the "religion of peace"."

    Yes, and I hope that this time Poles won't be so dumb as to let them in.


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