Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Southern Poverty Law Center Condemns Poland's Independence Day March. Jacek Miedlar's Antisemitic Speech

The Southern Poverty Law Center has condemned Poland's Independence Day March, as has "Tell Mama," a pro-Muslim group in the UK. 

Tell Mama included an excerpt from the speech by Jacek Miedlar:

"The fact that there can be synagogues here, on our Polish soil, the fact that Jews can revel in Talmudic hate inside them, is only a result of our tolerance bordering on lack of caution. Let them know that the streets are ours! Dear football fans, dear patriots, be merciless! Be radical in your fight against evil, against falsehood, against injustice, against lawlessness, against the destruction of Polish justice system and against Talmudism. We are at a war between good and evil and no Jewish Marxist horde will take away our flag or trample on Christ’s cross."

These words are indefensible. 

Read the SPLC condemnation here:

Read the Tell Mama condemnation here:

You can see some of Miedlar's speech here: 


  1. Jacek Miedlar should be proud. He now gets a ream of free publicity, and legitimization, that he otherwise would never have dreamed of.

    The so-called Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has become a joke. It is now a notorious self-appointed watchdog and arbiter of "hate speech" and "hate organizations", which it freely dispenses. As a matter of fact, there is an ongoing lawsuit, by mainstream American Christian organizations, against the SPLC (for its designation of them as "hate organizations", effectively lumping them with the Ku Klux Klan, merely for disagreeing with the left-wing orthodoxy on same-sex marriage.)

    As for Poland, this is not the first time that the SPCL has meddled in internal Polish affairs, and done so with the assistance of local LEWAKs. For details, click on my name in this specific posting, and then read the comments for more details.

    Whenever actual censorship cannot be done, the left-wing tries the next-best thing: Censorship-By-Intimidation (that is, bullying those who disagree with the Left into silence). That is what the SPLC has been doing.

    Censorship-By-Intimidation is another old leftist tool. For details, see the classic: RULES FOR RADICALS, by Saul Alinsky.

    1. The SPLC IS a joke BUT this guy is a classic anti-Semite. There is zero defending what he said. He is almost a caricature - would not be surprised if he turns out to be a kgb payroll troll.

      Anyone who trots out the Talmud in an argument is 99% likely to be an anti-Semite.

      As long as he does not incite to violence however I would rather give him some berth. In any event, focusing media attention on this idiot only serves him (and his promoters). One day he will be walking from some demonstration and no doubt karma will catch him.

    2. The events of the last two weeks have now grown into nothing less than a full-fledged leftist media war against Poland. And here we are wasting our time still talking about the person of Jacek Miedlar.

      Then again, that is exactly what the leftists want us to do--to talk about tangential things instead of what the leftists, Euracrats, and globalists are trying to do to Poland.

  2. Blog readers often complain to me that Jan Peczkis posts here.

    I respond that I believe in free speech. Free speech is the foundation of Western Civilization. No free speech, no Western Civilization.

    I don't devote time to disagreeing with JP in the comments section. My posts speak for themselves.

    I will, though, this time, comment on JP's post, above.

    Jan Peczkis, your post is wrong. It is factually wrong, and it is morally wrong.

    I'm not interested in devoting any time to any back and forth on this.

    You posted, I responded, finished.

  3. I will not even try to justify that ex-priest.
    His speech is like taken straight from the interwar period.
    We don't have Talmudists in Poland. Not anymore.
    Dark times are coming for the Jews in Europe.
    Antisemitism today is like kicking a man when he's down.

    1. Lukasz thank you. Is there anything you can say to help me to understand this man? I find his hatred incomprehensible. How did he ever become a priest?

    2. I really don't know what to think about that man.
      He's just out of this time.
      It started so unremarkably. Just another loudmouth priest who got involved with the right wing radicals.
      Church authorities tried to pacify him but they did a poor job. I think that they should have ignored him. Międlar simply got more and more pumped up.
      Jews. Marxists. Conspiracy.

      Now this ex-priest is too antisemitic for most antisemites in Poland. Right wing newspapers don't want to print his speeches. Serious right wing politicians avoid him.
      He became somewhat inconvenient.

    3. I think that we need to keep things in perspective.

      The big media indignation over anti-Semitism is phony, as evidenced by the African-American critics of Jews usually getting a pass in the media. (See Dr. Goska’s Bieganski book).

      Firebrands such as Jaciek Miedlar exist, and are sometimes necessary, because of the timorousness and passivity of so many of Poland’s religious and political leaders.

      With reference to Louis Farrakhan, liberals tell us that we should “Separate the Message From the Messenger.” Very well; we can do the same for Jacek Miedlar. Here, then, is the essence of Miedlar’s message:

      1). The growing atheization of western Europe, and efforts to force the same on Poland. [Jacek Miedlar called attention to French President Macron and his patronizing remarks about Christianity in Europe. The French are removing a cross from a local statue of Pope John Paul II. Not long ago, there was a “War of the Crosses” in Poland itself. What next?]

      2). Since the Round-Table Agreements (1989), not a single Communist has been brought to justice for his crimes. [If Jacek Miedlar indeed believes in conspiracy theories, he should be forgiven].

      3). The pathetic failure of the Polish government to confront cultural Marxism and Banderism.

      4). The lack of so much as words of candor about the extent of the tentacles, in Poland, of the notorious George Soros, including his funded creatively-misnamed Stefan Batory Foundation.

      The foregoing, raised by Jacek Miedlar, are very real issues facing Poland. Now THAT is what we should be focusing upon.

    4. I've never heard of the gentleman before, but I would of course have known he was a "fascist thug" as he is Polish/Polonian. I would say it goes without saying, but of course it never does go without saying. Media and Academe make sure of that.

      I am distressed to see enmity between Poland and Islam being deliberately stirred up. it will do no good to either side.

      But if Mr Miedlar's concerns are as you set out above Jan, then, yes, I think the attack on Christianity is getting fiercer. Isn't the world turning the moral values taught in the Inspired Scriptures on their head - putting good for bad, and bad for good?

      And I often note that not even one of Stalin's willing executioners has been brought to trial, let alone convicted of anything. The double standards of "the world" become more blatant by the day.

      But what to do about it? What is the right thing to do about it in God's eyes? And are we going to accept His way of doing things, or are we going to continue on the disasterous path our firat parents took?

      So please Mr.Miedlar, should you happen to be listening in, would you, could you, consider this. Jehovah, the true God, teaches us to be "no part" of the world, to stay out of its divisive politics and its cruel wars.

      That should not be too difficult for us Poles/Polonians, given what we have suffered at the hands of both Left and Right within living memory. And aren't we still being "untered" by both sides!?

      And also please think about this perfect advice in Psalm 37.

      The Psalm begins this way:

      "Do not be upset because of evil men or envious of wrongdoers.   They will quickly wither like grass And shrivel like green new grass.   Trust in Jehovah and do what is good; Reside in the earth, and act with faithfulness."

      It is so easy to get so heated up by the sheer nastiness of the world system we live under that we start to act badly ourselves - we let it shape us.

      Jehovah wants us to do good, and to stay on the narrow road that leads to life. He wants us to have "the glorious freedom of the children of God".

      Psalm 37 is so reassuring. It shows us that our Creator understands how "the world" will make us feel, and above all, it assures us of the rescue that is coming - so close now.

      We simply need to get quietly on with the work that Jesus left for his followers to do, trying to stick with Jehovah's standards, which include treating everyone with the kindness and respect we would want for ourselves.

    5. Sue Jacek Miedlar is an antisemite. Please don't be fooled.

    6. When you wrote "Sue", I did not immediately grasp that you were referring to Sue Knight. I thought that you meant to take Jacek Miedlar to court for anti-Semitism. :)

      But let's think about it. If someone were to sue Jacek Miedlar for anti-Semitism, then we would first have to sue all the Polonophobes. For how many centuries would all the world's courts be clogged by such cases?

  4. I dunno.

    There are many priests that have flouted Catholic doctrine, and have been openly congenial to Communism (e. g, the KATOLEWICA, and so-called Liberation Theology), yet they have not been removed from the priesthood.

    Sure sounds like a double standard to me.

  5. Danusha you say
    "Jacek Miedlar is an antisemite. Please don't be fooled."

    Well, yes, he's Polish/Polonian, so, by definition, he is. I thought it had been well established by the most powerful media and academe in the world that we are all are. I wasn't questioning that.

    But if the world is going to expect me to use my precious time in making some careful distinctions between:

    (a) Yes, we are all fascist thugs


    (b) but some of us really are

    is that reasonable?

    Simpler, quicker - and safer, in these days of Thoughtcrime laws! - to assume that we all are.

    But I would like to speak to him about his concerns re Christianity and gently and tactfully try to show him that there is a war on, but it is a spiritual one, and not to be fought with military or political weapons. And that followers of Christ are not to revile or vilify others.

    I guess he probably doesn't speak English though. and sadly I don't speak Polish, which may be all to the good as my husband has said that me trying to be tactful can make a bull in a china shop look quite dainty.

    But I can hope and pray that he will talk to some of my Polish brothers and sisters. The Kingdom message is of such comfort to everyone who is distressed about what is happening on the earth.

    1. Sue I'm very sad to read that you think that Miedlar is depicted as an antisemite because of biased media.

      He is an antisemite. I reject antisemitism.

      I allow free speech in the comments section of this blog but I reject antisemitism.

    2. Hello Danusha, Yes, from what I have read about him, I am sure he is.

      But the point i was trying to make was that according to media and academe all us Poles/Polonians as "anti-semites" - don't we famously "take it in with our mother's milk" - so he is one anyway.

      I wasn't arguing the point. Just hoping that he will learn the truth one of these days - before too long. Which is what I wish for everybody.

    3. Sue, thanks for explaining. This is an important matter and we need to be clear.


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