Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Pray for an Islamic Holocaust" Banner Did NOT Appear at Poland's Independence Day March: Reports


Newspapers reported that a banner at Poland's recent Independence Day March read "Pray for an Islamic Holocaust."

New news reports now say that no such banner appeared. 

Read more here:

Read more here: 

And here:,WSJ-admits-to-mistake-in-coverage-of-Warsaws-Independence-March


  1. Hello,

    Another article written by some armchair journalist.
    In Poland we have a vulgar saying about such people.
    Western media claimed that there were slogans like: "Pure blood, pure mind" and "Death to the Enemies of Fatherland".
    Former should be translated as "Clean blood, clear mind" (Czysta krew, trzeźwy umysł" in original Polish version). Its's an anti-drug slogan by the way.
    The latter is a motto of WWII resistance fighters.
    Those people don't know our language. They don't know our history.
    And yet they dare to leture us. And they misinform their own countrymen.
    I don't envy the West such fine journalists.

  2. So long as it advances an anti-Polish agenda, then what does it matter if it is true or not?


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