Friday, November 17, 2017

Bieganski Threatens World Peace: Jan Tomasz Gross in The New York Times

On Thursday, November 16, the New York Times ran a racist, anti-Polish piece by Jan Tomasz Gross.

Gross resorts to racist stereotyping in addressing Poland's resistance to the Islamization of Europe.

This is especially ironic given that Jan Tomasz Gross *appears to be* condemning racism.

But he is resorting to racism.

We all know why many people think that unvetted and unchecked immigration of Muslims into Europe should be stopped.

Terrorism, like the Bataclan.

Birth rates. European women have rights, and can delay having, or even decline to have, children.

Gender apartheid strips Muslim women of rights. In Islam, given the example of Mohammed, who married his favorite wife, Aisha, when he was over fifty and she was six, there is no age of consent. Females can be married off quite young. Men are allowed four wives and an infinite number of sex slaves. For these reasons, Muslims are statistically more likely to have many children than non-Muslims.

Western Europe's immigration policies have created seismic change and social instability. Women are less safe. Homosexuals are less safe. Jews are less safe.

Anyone who cares about social stability will question whether or not mass, unvetted and unchecked immigration is a good idea.

Jan Tomasz Gross declines to note these obvious roots for Poles' focus on Islam.

Rather, Jan Tomasz Gross plays the racism card. Poles qua Poles are guilty, disgusting, racists. It is in their blood. It is in their history. Gross misrepresents Polish history by presenting only one side – the racist side. Shame.

Poles are terminally stained by the unforgiveable sin of racism.

I have frequently defended Gross on this page, and I will defend him again. He has produced important scholarship.

In this New York Times piece, Gross is nothing but a racist.


There's more.

The solution to the nationalism and scapegoating of Muslims going on in Poland and in the US today is *not* to demonize Poles – or Americans.

The solution can be found on the left.

The left has gone too far. It expresses contempt for its perceived enemies. It rides roughshod over mainstream culture.

This has happened before. A terrifying example can be found in the excesses of the Versailles Treaty.

If you push people too far, they push back. Solution? Stop pushing people too far.

Want to weaken racists, xenophobes, and chauvinists in Poland – and in the US?

Stop pushing people too far. Work for the change you want to see in a respectful way, rather than in an arrogant, high-handed, contemptuous way.  

Brief clips from Gross' NYT piece below. You can read the whole thing here:

"Tens of thousands of people -- many of them young men with crew cuts, but some parents with children, too -- flocked to the Polish capital to celebrate Independence Day in a march organized in part by two neo-fascist organizations. They waved white and red Polish flags, they brandished burning torches, and they wore 'white power' symbols. They carried banners declaring, 'Death to enemies of the homeland,' and screamed, 'Sieg Heil!' and 'Ku Klux Klan!'"

Gross goes on to say that "we are witnessing a resurgence of fascism in Poland."

"…Ever since the Law and Justice Party won both the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2015, Poland has been undergoing a disturbing political transformation…Two years ago, the party bet that latching onto the refugee crisis in Europe would give it purchase…"

The governing party, he says, is using the threat of Islamization as is occurring in Western Europe to radicalize Poles into violent xenophobia and dangerous, primitive nationalism.

"Poles," Gross writes, "couldn't tell a Muslim or a Buddhist from Jesus."

Their attitude toward Muslims, Gross insists, "springs primarily from a deep pool of ethnic-cum-religious hatred, which is indigenous to Poland and has historically been aimed at Jews."


  1. Western Jews should be packing and filling-in documents to obtain polish citizenship.
    I wonder what Dr. Gross will say when his co-religionists start comming to Poland en-masse. Like their ancestors did in the Dark Ages. And for the very same reason.

    1. Don't bother me with facts when I have a perfectly good stereotype to use to "explain" everything.

      Signed, Jan Tomasz Gross.

  2. One of my favourite parts of Michener's Poland is how the Poles and Muslims interacted together through history.

    As for Gross - I encountered him first with a heavy heart in June 2001. And he continues to be up to his old tricks.

    Leopards - racists.

    New York Times - you do not want wealthy right-wingers to subsidise you.

    If this is an accommodation/sop to the Trump Administration...

  3. So Jan T. Gross, having gotten insufficient mileage (for him) out of his Jedwabne escapade, is now joining the cultural Marxists in demonizing Poland for refusing to bow to the European Union, and for refusing to embrace western-style "pluralism" (Christianity-dilution) and mindless hedonistic individualism. Good for him: It speaks more and more volumes of what he is all about.

    The leftists are getting more and more hysterical by the minute: How dare those rascally Poles decide for themselves what kind of nation they were, are, and will be!

  4. Professor Jan Gross has hit a seam of academic gold and is mining it for all it is worth (in my opinion). However there is a danger in going so far out on the PC-limb as politics can change in an instant.

    So, should we suddenly come off the "unter" page - and maybe even have an instant promotion to the dizzy heights of the "uber" page! - won't he have a lot of backpedalling to do?

    How much more sensible to stick to the Golden Rule and treat everyone with the kindness and respect we would want for ourselves, irrespective of how they are behaving.

    I did wonder about this Independence celebration... loads of negative press... but then Poland usually gets negative press... was there something wrong... but am slightly reassured to see the professor weighingin, as that makes feel I can safely assume it was just the usual negativity.

    Though I would want to add a note of caution. Who was it set the spirit of Independence and Rebellion in the world in the first place?

    Who was it who encouraged our first parents to be independent of their Creator, their Source of life?

  5. Professor Gross is now being accused of acting as an informer to the communists.

    Chris Helinsky

  6. REBUTTAL TO THE FALSEHOODS OF JAN T. GROSS (Abridged and Posted, by permission of the author, by Jan Peczkis)

    Open letter to the New York Times

    "Gross Fake News" - written by Zygmunt Staszewski

    Gross Fake News # 5: “Law and Justice ... constantly violates the law, breaks constitutional provisions and is hellbent on subjecting the courts to its control”.
    Facts: Not true, there are no violations of the Constitution in Poland. A controversial decision of the Citizens Platform (PO) to appoint some members of the Constitutional Tribunal right after they lost the 2015 elections, was simply reversed. Furthermore, it is proposed to replace the outdated post-communist Constitution with a new one, referring to the best traditions of democracy.

    Gross Fake News # 6: “Two years ago, the party (PiS) bet that latching onto the refugee crisis in Europe would give it purchase on the votes necessary to win. Its calculation proved entirely correct.
    Facts: It was the Polish people, are about 90% Roman Catholic, who refuse to admit Muslim immigrants, after the failure of the entire process in other EU countries.

    Gross Fake News # 7: “One of the first institutions the party hijacked was public television.”
    Facts: Majority of TV stations in Poland currently support the Citizens’ Platform and other opposition parties. Most of these stations are owned by foreign interests, which would be unacceptable in the US. Public TV provides a much-needed balance to the anti-Polish propaganda of those media. Furthermore, most Polish - language printed media are owned by various German conglomerates and the “paper of record” Gazeta Wyborcza is supported financially by George Soros.

    Zygmunt Staszewski is a Co-Chair of the Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee based in New York City, National Director of the Polish American Congress and Board Member of the recently established Council of Polish Americans. He was one of the founders of Solidarity Union (1980-81) and a political prisoner of the communist regime (1981-1982), before he emigrated to the US as a political refugee. He was also a public spokesperson for Amnesty International.


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