Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sexy Nazis in England: "Everyone enjoys it" Jews could "Pretend to be persecuted"

Please note that the above photos are from three different articles covering three different events at which Englishmen dressed up as Nazis. 
You can access the articles by clicking on the links. 

At three recent events, World War II enthusiasts in England have been criticized for their zeal in the public wearing of authentic Nazi uniforms. According to the Manchester Evening News, "In June, wartime re-enactors in Ramsbottom sparked outrage by dressing up as Nazis and suggesting a Jewish couple put on a Star of David and pretend to be persecuted."

Readers of "Bieganski" will understand the appeal of Sexy Nazis to discussion of stereotypes of Brute Polaks. 


  1. Prince Harry, Prince Harry, Prince Harry.

    One may be, shall we say, Austrian and have a SS grandfather. Vergangenheitsbewältigung. Vergangenheitsbewältigung. Vergangenheitsbewältigung. That's even exotic.

    One must not be Polish - that's vile!

    I read your blog on a regular basis. Bieganski doesn't sell well. Fair enough. I, for one, have a copy. If Dr Goska decides to publish an e-book, I will be happy to get it as well.

  2. Not so long ago there was a movie called "Iron Sky". It's about sexy Nazis. From the Moon.

    1. Lukasz, thank you for that info. I'd never heard of the film. Here is the trailer on imdb. One must really see this:

  3. Well this is all rather innocent I think really. Some men also play British and American soldiers, etc. For historical accuracy somebody has to be a German and they seem to be photographed most often. I think the case of the people mentioned, if my news memory is correct, was over a small disturbance caused by an American Jewish couple who happened upon such a parade by accident. One of the "Germans" apparently exercised a bit strong sense of English humor. Its the garden shed hobby UK coming up against the globalized. Seeing those fat Brits in perfectly tailored German uniforms who could not crack a smile? Look at that belt!


    1. MB:

      "Well this is all rather innocent I think really"

      I politely disagree and I invite interested parties to refer to the introduction of Bieganski and the chapter entitled The Necessity of Bieganski to understand my argument about Sexy Nazis.


  4. Nazis and suggesting a Jewish couple put on a Star of David and pretend to be persecuted
    My personal comment,because I am just speechless right now :

    These are Britons, no one one seems to care,this is perfectly acceptable behavior.Have You seen Southpark? According to Southpark,20 years have passed since AIDS has first been discovered.This means-AIDS is now funny-everyone,you are finally allowed to laught.Grotesque? Yes-but there is truth in this black humor joke.Let me explain-The Titanic disaster was a horrible tragedy,right? Yet, you can by a t-shirt which says: 1912 Titanic Swim Team.Funny? Lies in the eye of the beholder-I must confess,I laughed.(I am not laughing at the victimes,of course, I am laughing at the megalomany of these days.) Perhaps,as long as we are respectful to the memory of those murdered,making fun of horrible is a way to get over it,instead of being-afraid,as being a afraid is some kind of deference...
    What I DESPISE of course is the hypocrisy -Cracovia fans calling themselves "Jews" (WITHOUT being anti-Semites,on the contrary,we are proud of our clubs Jewish heritage! :-D) =NON ACCEPTABLE People of Jewish faith feeling more and more afraid to be visible as Jews (According to Serge Cwajgenbaum,leader of the European Jewish Congress,this is NOT the case in Poland), while mostly left-wing activists are cheering for the genocidal Hamas and sending monetary support to them as "humanitarian" help=who cares?!

    Łukasz,Ive heard about "Iron Sky",havent seen it yet.Is it funny? On the German movie poster,theres a pretty hot SS-Frau and it is says: Wollt ihr den totalen Kinospass? (Do you want total screen fun?) It is kind of funny-personally, I am sometimes incorporating some words or phrases from those horrible days like "arbeitscheu" "Lebenraum" "Generalplan" into funny contexts like "Nicht genug Lebensraum-lass uns aufraumen" (Not enought "Living Space"-lets clean up) oder "Generalplan X" (Master plan for X) or "Arbeit macht nicht frei,nur Freizeit macht frei" (Works does not set one free,only free/leisure time sets free) . I have come to the conclusion that (once again, I want to stress one thing-I would NEVER make fun of victims and survivors) the only thing that would really get those criminals blood boiling is to make fun of them,anything else such as anger would mean that their actions would have a grip on our psyche,a negative one,that is.

    1. Honestly, I haven't seen this movie yet. Friend told me about it. Maybe I will. From what I know this movie is quite funny (my friend's opinion). I've seen some comedies with Nazis. I like Mel Brook's "The Producers" and "To Be or Not to Be". And I enjoyed polish trilogy "How I Unleashed World War II". But showing Nazis as bullies and morons is one thing. Showing them as sexy Übermenschen is another.

    2. I've seen Iron Sky. I can safely say that it does not glorify Nazis, nor Nazi ideology. It's a pretty amusing comedy.

  5. All of this revolves around the trivialization of the Nazis and what they did, as pointed out by the ADL in reference to Democrats calling Republicans Nazis in American politics.

  6. Fully in agreement with Jan's point. There seems to be some childish or illiterate fascination with name calling one's opponents "nazis". It may however have been proven to poll well and that is why it is done. It does not seem to be just accidental or out of ignorance in the recent spate of such name calling in the US. On the other hand it could be just ignorance. Its all they know; Hitler and Nazis; FDR; Tuskegee Airmen and Rosa Parks: what else does an American need to know about modern history?

  7. Yes I think that you are right Jan in saying that the readiness to call others "Nazis" has trivialised the whole thing.

    Effectively, Nazis become any set of politicians whose policies you don't agree with.

    There was a very funny Hitler joke in a British sitcom called "My Hero". You would have to see it really, but I will explain it as best I can.

    The doctor in it has a dragon lady receptionist called Mrs.Raven who is hateful to all his patients. She is wonderfully bitter and sourfaced (I can't remember who played her, but she was very good), and one day she is tormenting the patients with yet another set of rules. And one patient, goaded beyond endurance, says:

    "Its like Nazi Germany in here!"

    "Oh, thank you," says Mrs. Raven, with a heartfelt if wintery smile.


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