Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bieganski and Victoria's Secret Lingerie


Look, there's one thing we can all agree on. If there's one thing Bieganski the Blog needs more of, it's sexy photos of half nekkid wimmin. No?

Long story short: Victoria's Secret is reportedly self-censoring and banning sales of its own item, the above-pictured Sexy Little Geisha lingerie.

You know what I think when I look at that photo? What most women think, I'll bet: Geez, I wish I looked like her.

But somebody looked at that picture of that very sexy gal and that very cute lingerie and got all affronted. Because the lingerie is racist, doncha know.


I'll leave it to blog readers to point out, in the comments section, how asinine Victoria's Secret's self-censorship is. The girl is cute, the outfit is cute – life is short. Have some fun! What's not to like?

So some party pooper who apparently doesn't like pretty half nekkid grlz in cute lingerie posted a blog post protesting this outfit, and the outfit is pulled.


Polonia, do you know what I'm about to say?

Let's get serious here. My book, "Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype" and this blog, talk about newspaper articles, college courses, big-budget films, museum displays, etc, that rewrite immigration, Holocaust, and World War II history by exploiting a stereotype of Poles and other Bohunks. And Polonia has not been successful in countering that stereotype. The museum displays, university press books, and the authors who produce them are all going strong.

Check out this blog post.

And this one.

And this one.

While a blogger has the clout to ban something as trivial and harmless as pretty lingerie because it is deemed to be anti-Japanese.

On a more serious note, check out this blog post on how America embraced the Axis, including Japan, after World War II, and how a Hollywood movie, "A Majority of One," helped.

Polonia, we need to unite, support each other, organize, and act strategically, in order to exercise any cultural, political, and academic power.

Check out this blog post on that topic.


Related note: In the recent past, an American institution of higher learning published racist, anti-Polish material.

Polonia should have had the clout to demand that that institution of higher learning hire a scholar who works on stereotypes of Polaks and other low-status, blue-collar ethnics.

That has happened when other groups have been insulted. Other groups, including African Americans, women, and homosexuals have demanded, and been granted, academic hires. Poles and other Bohunks? We have not done this. When we have been stereotyped, we have griped about it among ourselves, but we have not demanded, nor have we received, academic hires, as other groups have.

I just applied for a job at this institution of higher learning.

Their ad said that they are committed to diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance, and for that reason they wanted to hire women, members of underrepresented minorities, African Americans, feminists, queer theorists, and human rights and peace and justice scholars.

Will they look at my application, as a real life Bohunk and scholar of Bohunk stereotypes, and grant me credit as belonging to the above groups? No, they will not.

Look, in the eyes of this institution of higher learning, when they want to tell a Polak joke, or disseminate Polak-joke type humor via their publications, Bohunks are OTHER. We are their minority.

When a Bohunk who publishes on that kind of stereotyping applies for a job, we are not welcome.

Only Polonian activism can change that, and can change the Bieganski, Brute Polak stereotype.

Again, read the series of blog posts on the Crisis in Polonian Leadership, organization, and vision.


  1. Isn't that the Playboy ideal of beauty though?

    Re the Japanese, they fought on the Axis side during WW2, which seems to guarantee them protected status in the Little Red Book of Political Correctness.

    Fighting on the Allied side, as Poland did, seems to have guaranteed us endless nastiness from "the world" - via our "unter" status in the said Little Red Book.

    Surely this underlines the wisdom of our Creator, the God of Abraham, who asks us to be no part of the current world system of things - to stay out of its divisive politics and its cruel wars?

  2. ---.lingerie because it is deemed to be anti-Japanese.
    Gosh.Had You not told me I would have never thought that this could be understood as being "anti-Japanese".Seeing it my first thought was along the lines of-"great interpretation of Japanese culture-themed pattern.Where can I buy that?" ;-)
    ///That has happened when other groups have been insulted. Other groups, including African Americans, women, and homosexuals have demanded, and been granted, academic hires
    Yes.And I have been thinking about why that is so.I will try an explanation,so I might be completely off,but I would be delighted to hear what You think as a scholar,dear Goska-When all marxist pipe-dreams about world revolution failed, leading leftist circles (and I am not talking about sensible left-leaning people trying to alleviate workers grieveances) turned to else to keep themselves,well, important and occupied-Blacks (and specific minorities) and women.Thus, African-American,Women and Queer Studies were born and new ways to employ otherwise superfluous smart people.Beeing pro-black,pro-women and pro-queer makes you (somehow) a better person and shows that you care.Rousseau wrote about this phenomenon,about people who are "loving" (or professing to do so) the whole of humanity.Everything, just not to have to love their neighbours.(=hypocrites). They can not blame Blacks,women and gays anymore, so that leaves pretty little room for further prospective scapegoats.
    ///diversity, multiculturalism, and tolerance
    Dear Goska, if I could hire You I would,but as things are I can just hope along with You,please dont give up! About the empty phraseology-I have come to several realizations (and it took me quite some time) about the propaganda above.
    1. People, in general, when you let them be,when there are not too many f.e immigrants from Africa, will behave friendly and civilized towards a f.e Black neighbor,s.o from somewheare else or even a homosexual one.They might start out with prejudices but they will be able to cast them away pretty quickely.Nowadays,prejudices seem to equal hate-speech.
    2.This is why, in my humble opinion,NOT specific "diversity"-"tolerance" and all that jazz-"training" is needed.Of course, if you want to SELL such "training",thats another story. Or, if you are (allegedly) 1/32 Native American and are hired to,ehm, "diversify" the campus.
    3.These three words are lies,they are tools of exclusion (of everyone not fitting into the "multicultural" worldview) and mind-control-aka "you cant say that".
    4.Also, these three words dont apply to Whites,Catholics,Pro-Zionists,Bohunk,(from certain parts of) Asia,Sceptics,Freethinkers,Conservatives,Right-Wingers ect.Because they are "evil"
    ///We are their minority.
    Yes.Ziemkiewicz says it clearly:
    Polacy to też Murzyni, tyle, że biali.
    (Poles are also Blacks/Niggers,but white ones). A further association with "murzyn" would be a line from,Schiller, I guess-Murzyn zrobił swoje, Murzyn może odejść (The Moor has done his work - the Moor may go.)-And the Moor (Pulaski,Kosciuszko) went away-into (American) oblivion.

    May I offer a cynical,caustic,ironic,laconic suggestion? No one seems to be blaming f.e Muslims (many of whom went on a violent rampagn after a talentless bloke produced a 11 minute boring video about Muhammad pbuh) for anything-rather, the 1. Amendment seems to be becoming an obstacle for political correctness (how dare he use his freedom of speech?!) and people are accused of being "islamophobs" for criticizing the Muslim side for behaving this way.Why? Because people are afraid of being bombed or sharing the faith of the American ambassador in Lybia.What do we learn hear? Violence/Threads WORK.Debate does not.Perhaps we should change our strategy? Of course, I am just pouring out my sarcasm and black humour,but seriously, why do self-described "enlightened" people succumb to the lowest of instincts (fear)?

    1. Hanna, all I can say is, I want to meet you in person some day.

  3. Why not lobby Victoria's Secret for a Polonia Lingerie get up? I can imagine it would be predominantly red and white with dragons maybe in green embroidery and a castle of course and possibly a view of the snow-capped Tatry mountains here and there as appropriate. What we could do with pierogi boggles my imagination! Christina Pacosz

    P.S. No disrespect intended but I needed a laugh.

    1. What's the Polish emoticon for laughing out loud?


  4. Dear Goska, same here :-) For the time being-could You upload one of Your public lectures on Youtube? It could help the Polish cause :-) Take care!

    1. Hanna, thank you, but i don't see how anything I do could help the cause. Polonia has shown little to no interest in my work, and I still get hate mail.

      I recently got a bizarre protest from a Polish American woman on facebook. She wanted me to stop posting links to my blog -- because doing so was unfair to Polish Americans on facebook who don't have blogs ... ??? !!!


  5. First of all the blog and comments made my biggest smile of the day! Good stuff! Don't forget I live in Korea. Its never that I know of been a problem being sexy here. It sells everything at double the volume of USA adverts.

    I also loved the story about the lady on Facebook who wanted equality in non-representation! I personally believe that says more about Facebook than anything else.

    May I add one more key redoubt of failed Communists noted by Hanna: don't forget the various "Green" groups that were founded with members from the European radical left. That has all morphed into Global Warming and Climate Change as the lexicon evolved. Names like Daniel Cohn-Bendit (aka Danny the Red in earlier years) and Joschka Fischer come to mind but of course the Red to Green movement is broad and large. This is a place where non-protected minorities and Whites can reside and thrive of course! That could be part of its brilliance and strength.

    So, I must second Danusha in the Hanna Fan Club too: thank heavens for such honesty! I have to agree with all points and add only the above.

    Apropos to "Polacy jak Murzyni", a story in today's UK press, followed by lots of vitriolic anti-Polish comments, about Poles moving to the UK in search of work:

    Poles return to Britain in search of work and higher wages despite the struggling economy


  6. MB, so you think that because a movement contains people who were once on the far left that immediately discredits the movement and the basis on which it was founded?

  7. Absolutely not! I do think currently available data along with information like Climategate cast doubt on that particular movement. There seems to be a line of thinking at the core of the Green Movement that is guided more by ideology than science.

  8. Climategate was a beat up. If the Green Movement is too prone to ideology then climate change deniers appear to be bereft of anything other than ideology.


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