Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prayer Request

Angel of Compassion by one of my favorite artists, Vie Dunn-Harr. Her webpage. 

This is a polite request that, if blog readers feel so moved, they pray for a miracle for me.

I won't go into details on the blog, but if you just shoot a prayer heavenward and say you are praying for a miracle for that Polish-American woman who can't shut up about Polish-Jewish relations, God will know exactly how to process your prayer.

Further: I ask that you consider directing your thoughts to Wiktoria Ulma, the martyred Polish woman from Markowa. As regular blog readers know, I was lucky enough to speak in Markowa last year. There's a blog entry about that visit here. I loved my trip to Markowa, and I prayed for the Ulmas, and I got a real special sense about Wiktoria. The Ulmas are candidates for sainthood and a miracle would help that process along.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

PS: There may be a period when I am not able to blog as frequently. If you've ever considered posting a guest blog here, now would be a good time. Please feel free to email me with any proposals or essays, and please be patient with any delays. Thank you.

How to pray.


  1. The prayers are coming.


  2. Thank you MB. Perhaps you'd like to contribute a guest blog post.

  3. Let the Angle of Compassion watch over you. Will say a prayer for you.

  4. Jestem z Tobą, Danusia. I modlę się głęboko.

  5. Monica, thank you very much.

    M, dziekuje serdecznie.

  6. To all friends and supporters,

    On Sunday, September 16, 2012, at 11 am, in St. Dorothy Parish in Markowa, the Holy Mess will be celebrated for the intention of the recovery of prof. Danusha Goska, with a special prayer request to the Servant of God the Ulma family.

    Please join our prayers – wherever you are.

    Polish friends

  7. I am very touched by this gesture by my Polish friends. Thank you.


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