Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Not Once on the Verge of Losing My Cool ... " Guest Post by Joanna Pietruszewski

By Joanna Pietruszewski

My personal general observation: when I read some Polish responses to vile writings of Debbie Schlussel and the likes, I am wondering whether many Poles think.

Some of the respondents seem to be swept by emotions to such a degree that their responses sound as vile if not more than the original offensive posts of the anti-Polonistic writers. Sometimes insults thrown by Poles are so violent, I am ashamed.

In the result, people who we address use our rage against us. Again. We come across as thugs, not as victims.

Perhaps we need to come to a collective Polish agreement to take a deep collective breath.

Many of those insults against our history and our dignity are primitive provocations. We don't need to react to every single idiocy thrown at us. If we decide to respond it should be with reason and class. I think perhaps we should cool down a bit. I am the first one in line to do this because, despite efforts, not once was I on the verge of losing my cool.


Thank you to Joanna Pietruszewski for allowing me to post this here.

Regular readers will know exactly how I will respond to Joanna's eloquent, timely and important post, above.

I beg of you, Polonia. Read, and act on, the blog post entitled "The Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization, and Vision."

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  1. Internet trolls will do what Internet trolls do. And yes, posting anti-semitic comments on, shall we say, Debbie Schlussel's facebook page is both morally wrong and quintessentially counter-productive. The Crisis in Polonian Leadership, Organization and Vision ( all the way.


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