Friday, July 6, 2012

The Kitchen in Which Stereotypes are Prepared

The blog post linked here doesn't talk about Poles at all. It talks about elite Catholics and whom they stereotype and why. As ever, we need to stop blaming the Jews. Catholics are just as ready to stereotype, and to support stereotyping, as are members of any other group, for all the same reasons. 


  1. Im totally sorry,this is completely off-topic. I was just reaing the Times of Israel and realized how agressively anti-Polish many (if not nearly all!) the posters there are.Am I wrong or is this getting worse? I am really bothered...

  2. Hi, Mieszko. Thank you for reading and commenting. My answer to your question is to read "Bieganski." That book works out the Brute Polak stereotype, its sources and deployments.

  3. Incidentally, Dr Goska's blog has just been mentioned in the Times of Israel ( - a post by Ms Warzecha).

  4. According to Paula R. Stern ( "To call them German death camps would be inaccurate as they are not located in Germany. They are Polish death camps in that they are located - too many of them, in Poland. Auschwitz was either a Polish concentration camp - as it is a concentration camp located in Poland; or it is a Nazi concentration camp - which is accurate no matter where it is located. You cannot call it a German extermination camp."

    "Polish participation through and through. Many guard positions in these camps were volunteer. There was no shortage of volunteers..." - Leora Hyman
    (did Ms Hyman happen to read Art Spiegelman's Maus?)

    "Oooh the poor misunderstood Poles" - Sheila Epner Servetar.

    I am afraid that this will be conventional wisdom in 50 years' time. And we will look back to Dr Goska as a visionary whistle-blower whom we failed to appreciate and support.

  5. Hello Follower and all - Dr. G "a visionary whistle-blower" - yes, her book "Bieganski" contains some powerful stuff. And I have noticed for a while that the Official History of WW2 is being spun to a political agenda, and that the Evil Axis Powers seem to be spinning towards being "Poland, Poland and Poland." If fifty years time, who knows? Presumably the Official History of WW2 will be exactly what the Politics of 2062 require it to be. As for what actually happened, isn't it true that both sides did terrible, ungodly things? And a serious question to ask is what had the churches of Christendom been teaching their people down the ages when they had such power and influence, that the nations of Christendom turned on each other in wars so terrible they are called "world wars"? However, I want to say this. In fifty years time will the present system of things on the earth still be up and running? I sincerely hope not. At the moment "the father of the lie" controls all the kingdoms of the world. But please, if you would, look at Daniel 2:44, and think of the implications. And think why it is so important we are "no part" of the world - that we stand clear of its politics, its wars and its attitudes.


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