Monday, April 3, 2023

Rabbi Shlomo Litvin Blocks Poet John Guzlowski, Son of a Buchenwald Survivor and a Slave Laborer

 Rabbi Shlomo Litvin, the Bluegrass Rabbi, has been tweeting anti-Polish hate propaganda. See previous posts. 

Author and scholar John Guzlowski's father was in Buchenwald, and his mother was a Nazi slave laborer. Family members were tortured and murdered by Nazis and Ukrainians. 

Rabbi Litvin accused Poles of "hosting" concentration camps. This is false. John hoped to offer Rabbi Litvin an education. 

John tweeted, "6 million Poles were killed by the Germans. Half were Jews. Half were Catholics. This information is from the USHMM.

To say Poles were collaborating with Nazis is fake history.

My father, a Catholic, spent 4 years in Buchenwald. Two of my Polish aunts died in Auschwitz."

Rabbi Litvin blocked John. 

Otto Gross also responded. His tweet is screen-capped below. 

I phoned Rabbi Litvin and got an answering machine. I left a message and I sent him a couple of messages via Facebook. I received no reply. 

You can access John's publications via Amazon


  1. The Buchewald Memorial informs about Polish prisoners: I have not found such data on KZ Dachau site I have asked them several times, no answer, no correction. Polish diplomats acting in Munich do not care either.

    1. I am not surprised at all. Germany feels (or is compelled to feel) a perpetual moral duty to the Jews as victims, but hardly any moral duty to Poles as victims.

  2. It is all going well beyond satire.

  3. "Bondage to the Dead. Poland and the Memory of the Holocaust" is a 1997 book by Michael C. Steinlauf.
    Here are phrases from opinions:
    "a country that, according to the author, has largely ignored its participation and attempted to minimize its national memory of the event." Poland was under Soviet rule, any published text was censored till about 1990.
    "the fact that Auschwitz and all other major death camps were located on Polish soil. . . ".(Kirkus Reviews) There are educated Jews, who belive that the death camps were located 'in Poland', because Polish people were antisemitic.
    "an open discussion of the role of Poland" (Ruth Ellen Gruber, East European Jewish Affairs) - Poland was cancelled in 1939 by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union. All Polish institutions were cancelled or reorganized, the government and army acted in London, defending the UK rather than helping Poland.
    No Polish reviewer has described anti-Polish stereotypes amplified by some statements contained in this book.

  4. I guess that the Poles hosted the Nazi German death camps just as the Jews chose voluntarily to die in them. One consideration is no less absurd than the other.

  5. Thank you for writing this. I just saw link to this on twitter. I retweeted it.


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